Issued at Birth is Your Basket of Thought and Love Power.

Issued at birth is your basket of Thought and Love Power. It is yours for use and distribution. Spend it  on worry or looking forward with Hope ? Direct your thoughts to the Light, start the day over at anytime. Set aside the shield of pride and learn to receive.

Pray because He loves hearing from you !

Read scripture to acquaint yourself with the Magnitude of it all and its historical applications.

Meditate because it magnifies your Peace.

Warriors of Light shine by reflecting His Love. They have learned many truths that don’t seem logical. We surrender to win, we gain by giving and we keep by sharing.

Fill Our Minds with Beauty

Select the reports you are willing to receive. The best is yet to come ! As we grow in trust we are able to see more opportunities. We can fill our minds with the beauty of the sunset and a hug rather than the broadcast of the nations worries.

They will always worry, it sells. We can always look up and be Saved.

Pray and let it become a priority.

Read scripture. Pertinent reports don’t change.

Meditate. Relax, you are in Good hands.

Warriors of Light use caution and planning. They are frugal and alert but they dance in the glory of the sunset and rejoice in the patter of rain.

Have Not Because You Ask Not

Under pressure, under fire ? Been there before ? Did worrying the last time help ? If things don’t fall into the places you’ve arranged will you still breathe ? Did you ever think you would end up where you are ? Did you really plan any of this ?  No, our lives have been filled with surprise !

Pray . It is written that “You have not because you ask not.” So ask.

Read scripture and learn. You may learn that another path is available.

Meditate. Be still and make the moment yours. Inhale deeply and relax in it.

Warriors of Light work best under pressure. They stop making decisions based on feelings and start making decisions based on principles spiritual in their nature.

Help is as close as looking up

Pain is heavy, sometimes overwhelming. We imagine it will last forever.

“Suffering is the most underused resource on the planet.”

“A problem shared is a problem cut in half.”

Help is as close as looking up.

It does not last forever and we learn, change and grow. We become stronger people who know how to make it through tough times.

We learn how to ask for help and how to receive it.

Pray. Become “a part of ” not “apart from.”

Read scripture and become familiar with your options.

Meditate. Silence the worry committee and breathe.

Warriors of Light know to be who they are. They look best and fit best in their own armor.

Trust God. Stop Worrying.

Clarity can be hidden but it is there ! Distracted by a stiff knee, an unexpected bill or a rude comment we start thinking. Stop !

Inhale deeply and expect the best. Trust God.

“Get out of His way that you may be in His will.”

He has got this ! Enjoy the ride !

Pray. Can’t see the way ? Take His hand.

Read scripture. Learn about your support system.

Meditate. Stop moving and worrying for a few breaths. You can do this almost anywhere.

Warriors of Light have learned.

“You can’t fall out of the middle of the bed.”