Write Your Concerns on a Bit of Paper and Put Them in a Bag

Worried ? Most worries never come to pass. Instead of worrying write your concerns on a bit of paper and put them in a lil bag or box. Allow Him to handle anything placed in the bag. At the end of each month open the bag and read old worries. Surprise ! Most worries never come to pass.

Pray instead of worrying. Then consider it handled.

Read scripture and claim words of Life and Peace as belonging to you.

Meditate and relax in the blessings already in your midst.

Warriors of Light know their only Power lies in the present. Their energy is best used in the same time and space as their breath. After completing one’s chores, Humility and reliance on Him are the best solutions.

Heavy Concerns That We Carry

The worries and heavy concerns that we carry are not held with shackles. Choose to pick up Joy and Gratitude for the tiny things that you feel are overshadowed by the dilemmas. Watch the scene change as Gratitude lets the Light inside and Joy lets it fill your cup. He smiles.

Pray because He loves hearing from you. This simple thing utterance pleases Him and He smiles.

Read scripture and let little phrases cling to your soul.

Meditate again on the Goodness in Life.

Warriors of Light have orders from The Commander to rejoice and be glad. Their training begins with right actions which beget right thinking which begets good feelings. So Rejoice in Him !