Allowing Him to Carry Us Again

Children long to be picked up and carried. Our Father longs to pick us up and enjoy that hold of a quiet baby. We have learned to walk upright and take pride in our steps. Real maturity lies in allowing Him to carry us again.

Pray, then listen not just for words but what He will demonstrate.

Read scripture and learn more about Trust.

Meditate on His truths and make them your own.

Warriors of Light learn to depend on Him for more and more. He offers Wisdom and Understanding to all who ask.

Unlike learning to walk, at first the leaning is slight, then tighter, then we reach up with both arms and surrender to His Love.

The Battle has Already Been Won

True strength does not require display. True wisdom knows there is always more to learn. Find the answers by being quiet as all things will be revealed. Humility allows acceptance of His Grace and Mercy.

Pray because Our Father cares and listens.

Read scripture to see the program, find your lines and learn more about the love offered you by “ I am” The Author.

Meditate. Stop and listen.

Warriors of Light enjoy the dynamics of authority. Their orders are specific enough to keep their minds on the next step leaving the big plan to The Commander. Often they are reminded that the battle has already been won.

Lying Down in the Green Pasture.

There is no end to the growth and wisdom available. There is always a new revelation to be experienced. Work as if climbing a mountain, setting your pitons to hold your ropes and lift yourself higher for the better view.

Pray for direction and protection.

Read scripture and let it build your foundations and set your campsite.

Meditate while lying down in the green pasture. Restore your Soul.

Warriors of Light learn more each day. They know how to step firmly in unfamiliar spots and they learn to cling to an edge or a ledge. They keep looking up for His Light and their vision improves. As tough as some spots seem, Warriors know they are all a part of His dance with them.

Packing the Day’s Load

No chains bind the burdens, pains or anxieties, the option is available daily to pick them up or let Him carry them. “But” will lift the load upon the back, still without chains. A bit of pride inspires their continued carriage.

Pray to Our Father for wisdom while packing the day’s load.

Read scripture to increase Trust of His abilities.

Meditate. Here is where we take five and let Him hold it all for a few.

Warriors of Light are poised for action. This stance keeps them ready to help others. They carry only supplies for the current march. He holds their hand and fights the battles for them.

A Present that is Delivered to You for Free

Delivered to you for free is a package of lessons in Life and Peace. It is wrapped with a tag that says “The Present”. It requires Acceptance to be truly appreciated. As His child you have authority to stay in the Light and let go of that which drags you down.

Pray for Wisdom and Discernment.

Read scripture to signify your willingness to hear.

Warriors of Light hear and listen. They value spiritual growth even the struggles gone through to gain it become precious.

Select Your Buckets with Wisdom

Life is a classroom where learning is measured with buckets of Joy. Some lie at the end of a soul stretching path, are very warm and must be held with protective gloves. Prayers will keep them bubbling and fresh. Some overflow and can be shared, many increase their contentment by sharing.

Pray to select your buckets with wisdom.

Read scripture to keep them insulated.

Meditate and relax. Take the lid off the bucket and let it be filled !

Warriors of Light know that He takes Joy in supplying more buckets. The most and the best are open to giving and receiving, often they find a Gold star !

Pray to Him as If You are His Favorite Child.

Humility wins ! It is attractive, engaging, and always well received. Humility softens the hearts of others providing unforeseen opportunities. Humility allows Him to work for us and through us carrying our burdens and our old baggage.

Pray to Him as if you are His favorite child.

Read scripture old or new. Embrace its wisdom with action.

Meditate daily and make each day new and refreshed.

Warriors of Light know that He will carry our pain. Quietly pride demands suffering as a mark of depth or quality of injuries. Healing is a mark of our Trust in Him.

Communications and Integrity

Communication requires integrity of electrical parts, wave lengths, transistors and translators. It starts with integrity of the heart. Without this integrity words are often used to hurt and manipulate. Here, there is no obligation to respond and survival skills lead one elsewhere for Life and Peace. He is the author of Peace.

Pray and tell Our Father about it all. He delivers Wisdom and Discernment 24/7, for free.

Read scripture it holds answers and clears the mind to receive them.

Meditate. Stop moving and worrying, relax in His breath if not your own.

Warriors of Light stand by their words. They understand many others do not. They move amongst these, when necessary,  without resentment or desire to control.

Knowing that the main gig is their relationship with Him, they allow other things to fall into place. They enjoy His Peace.

Smiles That Brighten the Room

Our thoughts, words, deeds and prayers shape our world. If filled with kindness and Love, our days will be filled with the same. When disappointment comes or someone wishes to share darkness just be kind and loving.

Pray for Wisdom and Discernment .

Read scripture. Its heavy words tucked into the heart will incline us toward the Light.

Meditate. Relax and breath. Let Him be in charge and listen.

Warriors of Light don’t let anyone steal their Joy. It is knitted so carefully into their being that their smiles Light the room. Unhappy people bounce off their Shields of Faith with a lil bounce put into their step.

We Rise Together and Help One Another

Wisdom is available to all. Our choice is to purchase it for the price of a willing heart or a wounded soul. Both are able to embrace the challenge of change.

Pray to gain understanding and reach for the Love always available.

Read scripture. The old ones took time to listen, share, and preserve lessons for us.

Meditate, relax, let your mind be free from itself for a few.

Warriors of Light trust the Instructor. They know He has a plan. When they stay in formation, like geese, they may share the lead, gain lift, find comradery, stay on course and be appreciated in their position. When disabled, another goose stays at their side. When healed they will rise together, returning to the flock or joining another.