Put in the Good and Watch the Good Come Out

Put in the good and watch the good come out. Paint with a good hand, good paints and a good heart and get a good picture. Choose the best, love your Creator and let Him make you the hero in your life.

Pray because it is the most honest conversation to be had.

Read scripture to feed your spirit properly.

Meditate on all your gifts and relish the present.

Warriors of Light know that sometimes they must pull back the curtain  for the best view. Willingness greases the curtain rod and His Light shines on the best features.

Pray for the Willingness to Play in Your Own Life

One child goes outside looks around and sees nothing to do, the other starts a game with leaves or watches the birds with Joy. The same yard with two angles of approach. Some children can be taught to play outside, to meet the trees and climb their limbs, willingness is the special ingredient.

Pray for the willingness to play in your own life.

Read scripture and sees the variety of roles available.

Meditate as you breathe deeply, relax.

Warriors of Light know the joy of marching to His tune. Working for Him they stay in the Light as heroes of their own life. Helping others keeps the perspective of His generosity active.

Focus on the Next Right Little Thing

One move in the right direction will put us into the flow. Followed by another move we have the heavens set to open. Action begets motivation so now our thoughts are looking before our moves. Our hand can be in His and the world can stabilize.

Pray and beseech Him for the willingness needed.

Read scripture and allow your mind to be renewed. It doesn’t have to seem sensible today.

Meditate on His strength and watch yours increase.

Warriors of Light know that their thoughts must focus to win the battle. Focus on the next right little thing to be done. Keep the eyes off the mole hills and refrain from adding dirt lest they become mountains.

Lost in the Woods

Lost in the woods, for long enough, willingness to ask for guidance becomes more attractive. Often the way out is not straight and we begin to instruct Our Guide on how He should proceed. He knows the hidden pitfalls and Leads around them.

Pray and stay in touch with Management.

Read scripture and see the treasure map that so many seek.

Meditate. It provides rest, blood pressure control and smoother turns on The Journey.

Warriors of Light know their mission is to reflect His Light even in the darkness. His Light leads to Life and Peace. His Light feeds Love and Spiritual growth.

Humility Opens the Doors

Planned purpose is designed for your good as you are a child of the King. Find your way by your willingness to see only the next few steps and take one day at a time. Humility opens the doors and Trust places the right opportunities in your path.

Pray and watch without preconception of what the answer should be.

Read scripture and listen with your heart.

Meditate and gain restoration.

Warriors of Light know that marching to His rhythm offers them the dance of their Life. He holds their hand and has their back. People turn to watch as they pass hoping to catch a smile, join in and be a part of the party.

Playing Our Best

Peace and Love hold the goal posts. Training camp taught us basics like the Golden Rule or Magic words of please and thanks. The Head Coach outlined maneuvers to get the heart across the field. The Quarterback calls each play. Willingness allows Him to pass and gain yardage without tackle.

Playing our best and following His calls holds the opportunity to score.

Pray for Peace on both sides.

Read scripture and learn the best plays.

Meditate on the joys in Life’s game.

Warriors of Light know that they must keep their mind on the ball. If they leave the present to review the last play, they can get blind sided or out run. His hand is available to holds ours only in the present.

Be Treated Kindly in Return

Speak kindly to all and be treated kindly in return. Some require repeated application but kindness wins !

Designed to work and love, move forward and love your work. Praise Him, He lives in the Praises. He can reshape us or the situations.

Pray to make your requests known unto Him. Watch the changes.

Read scripture and note that not everything happens by Tuesday.

Meditate daily and relax in the reality offered you.

Warriors of Light know that He speaks through others. They are willing to listen, trained to keep perspective, willing to change or maintain formation. His Praises offer a great cadence for acceptance and marching through life.

Time and Money Given Returns Multiplied

Willingness melts the hardness of our hearts. Hearts can be attractively hardened in rituals, even prayers, but willingness makes us available for His use without hiding behind old scars.

Pray. Make prayer second only to your breath.

Read scripture Old or New as the guidelines to Humility become clear.

Meditate. Find stability in His rhythm regardless of the market moves.

Warriors of Light know that time is what we really have and like money, if given away it will be multiplied and returned. Add willingness to your time and hit the jackpot of blessings.

Try Looking Up Before Getting Up

Look up before you get up. This simple movement of willingness will set you and your day on the best possible track.

Pray before pulling back the covers.

Read scripture or devotionals easily reached from the bed.

Meditate. Deeply consider your position as His child. Relax in the knowledge that He has your back.

Warriors of Light know the enemy’s plans to distract our minds and steal our Joy. They take steps to insure good footing in each day.

Feed the Spirit, Enrich the Soul

Demonstrate willingness  and you will find yourself in position to meet people who will prosper your path physically, spiritually and financially. Add humility and watch Goodness abound.

Pray to muffle arrogance.

Read scripture to name true attributes.

Meditate. Stop moving. Breathe, be and learn.

Warriors of Light are always in training. There is no off time. The movement forward feeds their spirit, enriches their soul and keeps them growing in the Sunlight of the Spirit.