Admire the Sky and Trees with Awe and Wonder

Admire the sky and trees with awe and wonder, be glad about the weather. Now the sky is awesome, the trees wonderful and the weather a great adventure. Thoughts are powerful and a Father given responsibility.

Pray as in conversation with a loving Father.

Read scripture and notice the Truth still shining.

Meditate with deep breathing, relax in His arms.

Warriors of Light know to treat everything as an unexpected delight, filling their life with unexpected delights. Silver linings and blessings lie in every situation even when they are signals to move.

Let God Direct Your Day, Your Life

Enjoy being surprised by how He works. The people you meet, jobs offered you, traffic conditions, even weather can be used to direct your day, your life.  Refuse to proclaim disaster when things are not going your way. Open up, ready your delight for His efforts on your behalf.

Pray to be merciful in your judgement of others and enjoy mercy built up for you.

Read scripture. Discover that Our Father does not settle all His accounts in October.

Meditate.  Silence the voices in your head.

Warriors of Light know that we help each other by redirecting our thoughts. Thoughts have great power.  Gain perspective and own your day !