Those Who Share Receive Even More To Share

Wealth is an attitude born in generosity. Those who share receive even more to share. They live life abundantly, their arrival begets smiles.

Pray and stay in touch with The Source.

Read scripture. Find clues and keys to lift burdens.

Meditate. Take a few minutes and just listen to your breath.

Warriors of Light smile no matter the balance at the bank. They employ good stewardship and all their needs are met. They work with joy and Trust, the gift that keeps on giving.

Wealth is an Attitude

There is no security except in Him. Even the best job with benefits can be lost in a merger or downsizing. Family fortunes can be lost with the wrong investment or an argument. Wealth is an attitude which is offered freely by trusting your Father.

Pray for your needs while Thanking Him for your gifts.

Read scripture and build your faith.

Meditate. Stop worrying and start breathing, deeply.

Warriors of Light know the pleasures of quality and endurance in floor coverings, gold, diamonds and relationships. They are chosen with love and treated with care.

Moving more easily through the day

There is no limit to real wealth. In fact there is gain in giving. There is no limit to real time. Time spent in prayer or meditation it seems to move us more easily through our day.

Being of service to people encountered will unfold blessings not usually realized.

Pray like you are speaking to the Daddy you’d like to be.

Read scripture and discover more about your inheritance.

Meditate. Stop. Breathe deeply.

Let your mind drift. Let go.

Warriors of Light sometimes hum “Ti ah ah me(time), it’s on your side, yes it is.” This takes their mind off imagined pressure. There is no haste with God. Our portion is with us.

A Smile is a Special Kind of Wealth

Wealth is ours in the taste of the moment. Wealth can be found in another’s smile . Take delight in what you see. Share what you have.

Pray. Express gratitude. This enables arrival of more.

Read scripture. It holds the secrets, the truths, the keys.

Meditate. While still, reflect and relish the moment again, wrapped as it is and named the “present.”

Warriors of Light know the reality of dreams. Lacking the skills to listen, others must be shown. Be the example !

Quality and Joy of Life

Our life quality and joy depend not on what occurs but on our reaction. We may think someone or something hurt us. In fact, the hurt is our chosen response. Unnoticeably, with lightning speed, we told ourselves that to be treated like that meant we were less of a person.

Pray to see things from a higher perspective.

Read scripture to remind ourselves of the truth and the promises.

Meditate and realize the wealth of our status and our opportunities.

Warriors of Light train to establish and maintain a position of gratitude. Their humility shines and inspires others to shine.

Hearing, Seeing, Healing

Listen. Come out of yourself and listen. Stop and listen.

See. Many look. Your job is to see, to appreciate.

Your wealth lies in what you give away.

Your place, your purpose and your peace are before you.

Pray for understanding. Claim your healing.

Read the promises in the scripture. See their use in devotionals.

Meditate. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light train so that many decisions become automatic. The right moves become automatic. The right thinking becomes automatic. The feelings of victory are cherished !