Treasure the People Placed in Your Life

Treasure the pleasant gatherings and groups of people placed in your life for a time. He has placed them before you for a reason. Some will guide you toward Him and some must be encouraged.

The only sure and unfailing relationship is with Him, the rest is for growth.

Pray, He is always listening.

Read scripture and discover that your weaknesses are valued in the display of His strength.

Meditate on His Mercy and Grace which can overwhelm any difficulty.

Warriors of Light learn to maintain perspective by helping others. Just as a smile is more contagious than a yawn, a joyful heart wins friends and influences people.

Our Weaknesses Give God a Place to Shine

Be prepared to rescue and willing to celebrate without interference.

Let them be who they are. Wait for them to share or ask without provocation. They belong to Him and can only hear you when they decide what you know may help them.

Pray to the One in charge.

Read scripture to learn the ropes.

Meditate. Close your eyes and watch yourself grow.

Warriors of Light know that false  alarms, flat tires, and forgetfulness are reminders of our weakness. Our weaknesses give Him a place to Shine.