Good choices result in good consequences.

I can see the results in people’s lives. They make choices and they have consequences. There are physical laws like gravity. Man’s laws like stop signs, and God’s laws like love your neighbor.

When we break any of these laws we suffer consequences. Not all consequences are immediate. We have the opportunity to use all these laws as guideposts for our freedom.

I know that I am free from waiting for the other shoe to drop when I have made good decisions. I have peace of mind. That’s worth more than several million dollars.

Pray. Read. Meditate.

Remove the things that block the Sunlight of the Spirit from shining through your life. Enjoy being a Warrior of Light!

What does a “Warrior of Light” mean?

A “warrior of light” is in my understanding a person with hope. Hope that he can be better; Hope that the world will be better; Hope that there is meaning; Hope despite the doubts and gloom that surround us often. He is not absolutely sure of himself or absolutely flawless. He knows that he is not perfect. He knows that the world is not perfect. But he does not give up the hope.

Gomathi Shankar, I want to live many lives in one life. Working towards it.

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