Tell Yourself the Truth

Just tell the truth. It is the easiest way. Don’t go out of your way to spread unkind or degrading information but tell the truth when asked.

Tell yourself the truth about how you are and what you are doing. We end up wearing most of our lies.

Pray for understanding and mercy.

Read scripture to understand the Source of mercy.

Warriors of Light end up with lengthy relationships. Their Light encourages the growth of Love. Truth allows a firm foundation and makes old memories enjoyable.

None of Use Can Really See Ourselves

Open your eyes ! Turn off the sound of conversation.  Just watch. Actions reveal the truth.

Follow through is critical !

Pray for understanding and discernment.

Read scripture. Learn more about  Good and evil.

Meditate. Let things sink in while breathing slowly and deeply.

Warriors of Light employ acceptance while keeping their own behavior in check.  None of us can really see ourselves. Our relationships reveal our character.

Open Your Heart

Is there something in your heart seeking ? Seeking to understand, to grow, to feel more like a part of things and less confused about the mysteries of life ?

Open your heart and respond to the prompts held within each day. They may be found in someone’s question and smile. They may be found when you thought you were too early or took a wrong turn.

Watch and listen. Ignore the negative.

Pray for the answers as if the One with them were in the next chair.

Read scripture. It works by reading the words and by making yourself available.

Meditate. Stop your routine for a few and devote the time. Breath deeply and slowly.

Warriors of Light are seekers who have found the Source and allow it to reflect in their lives. Their missions are exciting. Giving allows them many joyful moments !

Patterns of Creation

Carbon is the most flexible of elements !  It bonds differently than most.  Its oily compounds bond together, they float or sink resisting the intrusion of air or water.  All living things contain carbon. Its flexibility allows change and growth, ingestion and digestion.

Pray to understand.

Read scripture to see the sandbars and find the currents of life.

Meditate and float above it all for a few.

Warriors of Light see the pattern of creation, the signature of The Creator. They use His Word and their words of prayer to cut through the waxy surface. God is love, the emulsifying agent. He gives breath to life !

Gaining Understanding

Scientists continually gain understanding the power of gravity or it’s relationship to electricity. We understand it’s consequences when we drop the ball or when we fall. We can’t see it, yet it’s force is undisputed.

Pray for the understanding needed to improve your relationship with the strongest power.

Read scripture and learn the love of this power .

Meditate. Just closing your eyes slows your brain’s power from moving outward.

Warriors of Light allow The Greatest Power to access their territory. Their souls are warmed and glow. Positives are attracted.

Being Thankful for the Goodness All Around Us

Focus on the good. See the good. Speak of the good. Encourage the good. Desire the good. Protect the good. Love the good. Enjoy the good. Have a good day !

Pray and be thankful for the goodness of life. Or ask to find it.

Read scripture. Gain more understanding.

Meditate. Even breathing creates even breath.

Warriors of Light establish a perimeter which restricts entry of anything not good. Guess what grows inside ?

Who You Are

“Who you are is where you were when.” Children of different eras and geographies have different priorities imprinted by age five. It lasts.  It affords groupings of work ethic, religion, respect for authority, clothing and table manners. It is easiest to mingle with those we understand.

Pray for mercy and understanding.

Read scripture and use devotionals to educate the heart.

Meditate. Enjoy the spin going past you through the day. Retreat to this spot whenever stressed.

Warriors of Light know that their accomplishments and wealth do not aptly describe them. It is their soul that defines their position. All are of great value.

Pray for Understanding

“Deus ex machina”, an ancient practice of Greek drama. Machines were used to lower gods(actors) or strong components onto the stage

To “save the day”. It’s cousin “Chekov’s gun” led the story into the sub-plot of its introduction. It was believable because this kind of stuff happens !

Don’t tell yourself that you need veer from “the right path” to find anything or anyone !

Be willing to participate in His plans. Separate truth from fiction tenderly.

“You will know a spirit by its fruits.” Wait for it …this takes time.

Pray to be willing and for understanding.

Read scripture. The messages are protective and edifying.

Meditate. “Go placidly amid the noise and haste peace, and remember what peace there may be in silence.”

Warriors of Light need not go bar hopping to find their love. The Commander knows the needs of His troops, ordinary and unusual.

A Most Fabulous Journey

You are on a fabulous journey ! There is a plan for you and a purpose for you.  If you feel busy and a bit overwhelmed you are privileged. Our only enemies are fear, doubt and pride. They make such  a clamor in our heads ! They form committees and demand worry.

They can be silenced by Praise and gratitude. Peace can be availed with humility. Prayer works  !

Pray for understanding and acceptance of the privileges you are offered.

Read scripture. Yes, reading the instructions can seem demanding but the results are obvious.

Meditate. Slow down. Inhale deeply. Repeat .

Warriors of Light enjoy the journey. They laugh and love and take time to listen. Friends are the treasures and trust is the prize !

God Holds Your Hand

The battle has been won ! The only remaining enemy is in our mind ! The tasks that lie before us are complicated only by our reflection on the “buts ” and the “what ifs ?”. Pull your trusts from your back pocket and march on ! He has got this !

Take a little time to be amazed,


Pray to remember He is holding your hand. We made the mess but He will clean it up .

Read scripture. Become familiar with His Word. “Lean not upon thine own understanding.”

Meditate. Relax. Realize you are in a great position. Enjoy.

Warriors of Light stay in the present. Solutions can be seen and reached in the present !

“Keep your mind where your hands are.”