An Unlimited Supply of Joy

Smiles beget smiles and yawns beget yawns. Choose the smiles and watch the snowballing effect.

Pray and reach into an unlimited supply of Joy.

Read scripture to renew your mind. Move the focus from self to Source.

Meditate and offer your energy for His work. Receive Peace.

Warriors of Light know no limit exists on Goodness. When shared it multiplies, when planted it grows, when hidden it shines.

Appreciate Each Moment as a Gift

Nothing stays the same so enjoy the changes. If put to the task do your best without expecting a pat on the back. He knows what you have done and nothing is forgotten.

Pray to appreciate each moment as a gift called the Present.

Read scripture to be encouraged for the future.

Meditate, breathe deeply and relax. Worry not about the past.

Warriors of Light enjoy the seasons of the year, of relationships and of life. They value the changes and the growth while being tolerant of the wear and tear. They know He can restore and renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings of eagles.

Trust as if Joining a Friend for a Saturday Adventure

Trust as if joining a friend for a Saturday adventure. Dress for the hike and the swim, be willing to park the car, get out and march through the woods. Experience the sweat, mosquitoes, an occasional briar but feel the cool of the shade and hear the water in the distance. See the path turn along the river, delight in the shoals and the falls the smiles and the fun.

Pray, employing Trust once again that He will lead you to the swimming hole.

Read scripture and be willing to follow His trail.

Meditate and relax your soul in His arms.

Warriors of Light know their work is on the inside, becoming willing to accept His gifts graciously. Impossible to control another’s feelings, they concentrate on their own good behavior. This will bring right thinking followed by good feelings.

Enjoy the Aroma of Life

When baking a cake you must remember to mix sugar with the other ingredients. You must put it in the oven and close the door. It may seem like nothing is happening since His ways are not our ways.

Pray as our thoughts and His word do not return void.

Read scripture it will improve your recipes.

Meditate and enjoy the aroma of Life.

Warriors of Light know healing and growth are not easily observed by those who look daily, but are obvious to those coming out of the oven.

Having Requires the Polish

Wanting makes it shine, having requires the polish.

He knows our needs, follow His path. Trust must be employed to be visible and to allow relaxation.

Pray with Thanksgiving for the puzzles and relief of the things we did not receive.

Read scripture and learn to base decisions on principles rather than feelings.

Meditate, deep breathing is easiest under His shadow.

Warriors of Light know Him to be a Lamp unto their feet and Light unto their path. Hindsight gives them confidence in His foresight.

Take a Day Off from Thinking About Yourself

Take a day off from thinking about yourself and do for others outside your immediate family.

Think about your neighbors, the cashier at the store, the driver ahead of you, pray for their needs and desires. Watch this energy return to brighten your day.

Pray for others they are His children.

Read scripture and find the importance of others.

Meditate and relax with deep breathing.

Warriors of Light know that they may not be much but often they are all they think about. They make a point to give to others of their time which is more valuable than money.

Take The Hand Offered You

It is not what happens that matters, it is our response that makes or breaks our day, our relationships and our souls. A response is required as tucking things away leads to festering.

Take The Hand offered you, receive your portion and His soothing Shadow.

Pray, remember you are on a team and can speak to the Team Leader at any time.

Read scripture, its open pages afford His Presence in the absence of fiery darts.

Meditate and relax in your own skin knowing you are covered by His Wings.

Warriors of Light know to stay out of their own heads and keep their minds on the next task. Often you can hear them humming with some words of Praise or Gratitude to stake out their territory of Peace.

Opening Scripture Opens a Channel to The Author

Strangely we cannot simply decide to improve or stop a bad habit effectively. Change of our thinking is an inside job that starts with actions. With an eyelash of willingness we can allow His Light to lead us on a new path.

Pray conversationally as He listens and knows our heart.

Read scripture. Something about opening it opens a channel to The Author.

Meditate. Relax and allow perspective to change.

Warriors of Light know Love is there for us in His hands, adjust the thinking and see it! Adjust the actions and feel it.

The Easy Path in Hindsight

All accounts are settled by Him but not all by Tuesday or all in October. Our time is not His time, but all time devoted to Him will come back magnified!

While walking His path, rejection is protection. What may seem painful today will look like the easy path in hindsight.

Pray because all conversation with Him is fruitful.

Read scripture for clues to gaining a humble heart.

Meditate on His Goodness and express Gratitude for what is in hand and what is but a dream.

Warriors of Light know that Humility is the winning hand. It brings acceptance and kindness into play. Humility inspires gratitude at every turn, even the sharp turns and turns with an uphill climb. The result is Joy.

Stay in the Light

Stay in the Light and refuse clouds of fear presence in your day. Recognize depression as fear without enthusiasm and anger as fear with oomph !

Take back your soul from these thieves that lurk in the shadows of self centeredness. Use Trust in His Love as a wrap of protection, a blanket of comfort.

Pray because it stirs a wind of goodness in your space.

Read scripture to stay in His Light and use His Word as a Lamp unto your feet.

Meditate for a few while purposely inhaling the scents of His Mercy and Grace.

Warriors of Light know their Commander lives in the present moment, not the past or the future. They need not hunt for Him but only look up with an eyelash of willingness and a heart for surrender. The blessings that were held back by their pride will then pour out upon them.