Find Yourself Becoming What You Were Meant To Be

Choose The Light, it is a choice. The Light allows us to see and feed, to grow and share, to be protected. Seek the Light with an open heart. Find yourself becoming what you were meant to be.

Pray and watch Him answer. Pray to accept the answer.

Read scripture. It has been preserved by many for many.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax. It is a privilege of being in the Light.

Warriors of Light have enjoyed training and received the benefits of holding His Hand. They glow and walk with confidence. They keep what they have and even gain more by giving it away freely.

There is a Plan and it is Fulfilling

Let it all fall into place. Get out of His way and be in His will. Coincidences are really Winks from the Great Manager. There is a plan and walking in the plan is more fulfilling and easier than self-centered drive. Surrender  brings victory !

Pray to stay in contact with Management.

Read scripture. Instructions bring revaluation .

Warriors of Light love to dance ! When marching to their own rhythm they can step on toes, their own and those of others. When listening to His songs and Psalms they dance more joyfully, others join in and all toes are protected .

A Puzzle That Offers More Answers Than Questions

Piled up before us, appearing impossible to finish, we keep the projects of our lives like pieces of a puzzle. And like a puzzle we start with one piece, once placed it offers more answers than questions. Relax ! The puzzle belongs to Him. It is but our privilege to move the pieces.

Pray to focus only on each next step.

Read scripture, it offers the straight edge where we need only match the colors to find the next piece.

Meditate, breathe deeply, watch the big picture become more clear.

Warriors of Light celebrate the beauty of His creation by admiring each piece and feeling joyous when two fit together. Acknowledging His ownership with Gratitude keeps the perspective joyous !

Help is on the Way with only a Request

Choose to honor Him with your words and actions and you become honorable. No matter your past or present failings or dilemma He is reaching out in your heart. He uses the fallen and the broken to display His strength and Power.

Pray and speak personally with the Creator of the Universe. He is listening.

Read scripture to discover He aches to set you free from your bondages.

Meditate. Just inhale deeply and relax for a few, this counts.

Warriors of Light have learned that we are all but one step away from improvement, healing, discovery, falling more in love, rescue, fulfillment or disaster. It is our choice to but place one foot in the right direction. Help is on the way with only a request.

We Must Let Go Heavy Treasures

Make it real in your life ! Make it stronger if you already have it, then share. See that life is like the ocean with many heavy treasures on the bottom. We long to float and breathe. To do so we must let go of the weight we treasure and Trust His currents to lift our inherited buoyancy.

Pray. Here we practice release and discuss our plans with The Director.

Read scripture. It contains instructions for regaining our breath.

Meditate. Here we practice release and let our minds float to the surface.

Warriors of Light have learned to float, tread water, body surf and to play in the currents and waves. They call to others, they teach swimming. Warriors of Light know the dangers of becoming entangled with a drowning man. As they offer their hand God lifts them both to safety.

Change is Good and Ever Present

Change is good and ever present, embrace it ! Babies arrive as signs of hope and we die as an act of completion. Anticipate the arrival of change with Joy, this is our choice, our  expression of Gratitude. This is the Salve, always present, which turns a sense of loss into appreciation. This is the confetti which bathes a moment and makes it a celebration !

Pray and share your words with Him. He listens.

Read scripture, find the instructions. Your part is to register the Warranty !

Meditate. Purposely take time to relax and know.

Warriors of Light receive Light and its warmth like the water of a bath or the smile of a lover. They stay ready and expectant always moving out of the shadows.

Time Has Value, Spend It Wisely

Thoughts have power, use them wisely. Your time is valuable, spend it wisely. The only thing we have to fear is our own angst. Our problems are created, by us, quickly.  Fear can swiftly magnify the downside. Block the fear with thoughts and words of Love and Trust.

Pray to stay in the Light.

Read scripture to enlighten your mind.

Meditate on what you have and be glad. Inhale peace, deeply.

Warriors of Light control their focus. Magnified Light will burn so burn with Truth and Love.

Let the Spirit Move You

Forward is the direction of choice. He will equip you if you but open your heart. One ounce of bravery to move forward in trust will be rewarded with self respect and acquaintance of people who know how to help you.

Trust God, move forward and keep your side of the street clean.

Pray and look forward. Utilize trust.

Read scripture and become an informed source.

Meditate. Choose deep breathing, for a few, as a priority.

Warriors of Light know that their security lies under His shadow. Shadows shift with turn of the earth and  with the clouds. Warriors listen for His voice and let the Spirit move them.

Walk Away from Old Wounds

Take His hand and walk away from the old wounds. Drop the planning for defense or revenge and just breathe.

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others.” This is a game changer and the deal we cannot refuse.

Pray. Let Him show us how to forgive.

Read scripture. See yourself in the pages.

Meditate. Rest and breathe. He is in charge.

Warriors of Light welcome Light.

They carry Light and darkness dissipates. Others follow the Light. It is a blessing to share.

Pray to Anchor Your Perspective and Goals

Spiritual growth precipitates love, health and a new vision of wealth. There are no plateaus. If not growing, we are sliding backwards.  What will we lose first as we slide ?

Pray to anchor your perspective and your goals.

Read scripture. Learn more about Management and management.

Meditate regularly and anytime for proper alignment.

Warriors of Light are always in training. They suffer no injustice or tragedy only lessons for gain.