Offer Kindness and Honesty and Gain Trust

The offer is Life with interest and dividends! Take it and choose love and generosity. See the return on your investment grow. Take the high road as you move through circumstances. Fall in love with The One who loves you the most. Offer kindness with honesty and gain Trusts.

Pray to let your thinking be guided by Him.

Read scripture for reassurance and direction. Truth will stand through wear and time.

Meditate as a regular practice.

It pays off.

Warriors of Light enjoy Life ! Their main asset is time and they spend wisely. Acknowledging Him as the Great Provider leaves them without any real costs of living.

There Is a Plan for Your Joy

There is a plan, place, family and design for your joy. The design does not include you clinging to one place, thing, habit, person or pet.

The design is to Trust Him and go with the flow of His Glory and purpose.

Pray for understanding and peace.

Read scripture to remind you of the truth you already know.

Meditate. Purposely relax. Just be and listen.

Warriors of Light employ Trust in their countenance, actions and reactions. Carefully choosing their family and friends, Warriors know it is better to be loved and bereaved than to never have loved at all.

People Who Stand by Their Word

Tell the man you will find out and call him.  Then do it and call. Tell him you will be there. Then be there, showing up on time. One more clean encounter and you have displayed integrity. You have placed yourself into less than 1% of people who can be trusted to stand by their word. Welcome home !

Pray. He is always there to love and encourage you.

Read scripture it offers wisdom, truth and consolation.

Meditate. Seems unlikely but being still will often take you further.

Warriors of Light offer kindness and smiles and Words from Our Father.  Often, little gestures propel fellow troops in their development and journey.

Carrying Loads of Joy

Put down your preconceived notions about what will make you happy or even how you think you should be of service. Stop the battle and surrender. No one can steal what God has for you.

Pray as a start to your day and before important transactions.

Read scripture. Use its Truth as a foundation.

Meditate. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly, repeat.

Warriors of Light would never have expected to be carrying the loads of Joy they now pick up daily. Their repeated Trust and Gratitude has brought them new privileges, new friends and new family.

Tell Yourself the Truth

Just tell the truth. It is the easiest way. Don’t go out of your way to spread unkind or degrading information but tell the truth when asked.

Tell yourself the truth about how you are and what you are doing. We end up wearing most of our lies.

Pray for understanding and mercy.

Read scripture to understand the Source of mercy.

Warriors of Light end up with lengthy relationships. Their Light encourages the growth of Love. Truth allows a firm foundation and makes old memories enjoyable.

Quit Keeping Score

Each situation has the same answer. Trust God and keep your side clean. Quit planning your approach for correcting THEM. Quit keeping score.

Pray not to take ourselves too seriously, no one else does.

Read scripture for the truth.

Meditate. Stop moving and breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light are found giggling in their down time. Recognition of Truth brings a smile.  Relax in that “all things work to the good of those who love the Lord.”

Smooth the Edges

We are different but equal. We each have the power to choose our angle of approach. The power to Honor the problem or to Honor God.

Proclaim His mercy and receive it into your life.

Pray to recognize your opportunities.

Read scripture and weave Truth into your reality.

Meditiate before speaking. Words matter. Tone matters more.

Warriors of Light recognize that it takes sandpaper to smooth the edges. Their response grows softer as they mature.

Play Well the Hand Dealt

“A great poker player wins not by being dealt the best hand but by playing well the hand he is dealt.”

Concern yourself not with the “should” or the “ought”.  See what is and learn.  Accept and grow.

Pray for Direction.

Read scripture. Embrace its reservoir of wisdom.

Meditate. The stillness increases vision.  It reminds us of the Truth.

Warriors of Light recognize each other by their eyes, the windows to the soul. They know pain is real but misery is optional.

The Joy Belongs to You!

Abraham Lincoln said, “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

“Don’t let them steal your joy. “

Notice that when you are paying attention to that which is at hand, the negative commentary in your head is silenced.

The joy belongs to you !

Pray. Pray louder if you feel lost, angry or deserted. Claim your peace !

Read scripture. The truth is written in our hearts but our “built-in forgetters” need reminding.

Meditate. It takes a few but it multiplies our energy.

Warriors of Light gain daily instructions from the Commander. Watch as they share the Truth with their smiles.

Moderation in All Things

In 1493, Swiss doctor, Paracelsus, proposed…

“The poison is in the dose.”

If we overindulge, even water can be toxic.

Relationships and sunshine can become toxic.

This truth was the essential theme of works by Greek poet, Hesiod, 700 bc.  Put gently he suggested “ Moderation in all things.”

Pray for insight and accept guidance.

Read scripture. The measure of truth was weighed before it became scripture.

Meditate as a daily ritual. Let the stillness bathe your mind.

Warriors of Light stay in the moment, drop their hidden agenda and realize than all experiences benefit their growth.