The Irresistible Attractiveness of Being Trustworthy

Being trustworthy is the sexiest thing one can be ! It is irresistibly attractive in any season and it grows more attractive as one matures.

It requires only that your word is your bond and your priorities remain fast.  Added to a generous spirit it moves easily through any crowd.

When it finds its partner, love, the pair wins.

Pray to the Director. Appreciate good Management.

Read scripture. Learn that humility wears well.

Meditate. Still the emotions and breathe deeply. Relax in who you are.

Warriors of Light with battle scars can be leery. Trust in the Commander allows trust in their fellows. They choose their battles.

The Gift of Perseverance

Don’t give up ! Enjoy the gift of perseverance. Let it weave into your thoughts and your heart. You will see Him winking at you, with help from a stranger or a perfect breeze of encouragement. Don’t give up or give in to the thoughts attacking your mind. Keep going ! The highest prize is being trustworthy !

Pray. Empty your cares and fears and resentments to the Master.

Read scripture and be reminded that the treasures are in the journey and the growth.

Meditate. Rest in His security.

Warriors of Light rejoice in the adventure of each difficulty. It takes difficulties to forge real strength. Don’t give up !