Making Chores a Joy is Our Option

Everything requires maintenance or storage, as moth and dust do corrupt, but making chores a joy is our option. Spiritually it is the same. Feed the Spirit with prayer, Praise and Gratitude and your hope and strength will be renewed.

Pray to offer Thanks and concerns to the best Father anyone ever had.

Read scripture that the real nature of things might be revealed to you.

Meditate, breathing deeply to relax while trusting Him to be in charge.

Warriors of Light do not stay sweet smelling on yesterday’s shower. They approach everyday turning to Him first even before arising. This lowers the percentage of poor decisions for their day.

Taking Hands Off the Wheel

He designed it just so. All the lessons are for our betterment and trusting Him allows us the vision to see this Truth. His plans may seem challenging or unfair until we employ the scope of Gratitude to magnify His Goodness.

Pray and make the sacrifice of Praise with Thanksgiving. Watch impatience and frustration disappear.

Read scripture, it contains answers and Directions.

Meditate with deep breathing and Joy. Taking hands off the wheel gains the best steerage.

Warriors of Light know to step out of His Way that they might be in His Will. We create all our own problems through self  centered fear and surrender gives us a winning hand.

When Was the Last Time You Thanked Your Guardian Angels?

All solutions and opportunities lie in trusting the Almighty and His children. All problems are self centered fear in different costumes. These costumes engage one’s ego in the theater of the mind. They dance to the tune of “should, could, would and what if”.

Pray for clarity on your own care.

Read scripture for clues on limiting harmful exposures of the soul.

Meditate on Goodness and stick with those who Honor Him.

Warriors of Light don’t camp too close to enemy lines. Warriors maintain their perimeter by appreciated Guardians and evening prayers.

Oh, by the way, when was the last time you thanked your guardian angels ?

Trust Him Enough

Humility is the key and thinking about Him is the answer. Trust Him enough to turn your thoughts to His attributes instead of planning the details of how to solve the problem. Particularly when your solution  involves another child of God and their future.

Pray to be of use in his service and His will to be done. Now get out of the way.

Read scripture and learn about the joy and wealth available in His will.

As Meditate on His greatness instead of calculating your next move.

Warriors of Light do the best they can and then accept the outcome. Acceptance is a practiced art and a very important part of WOL training.

Acceptance and Gratitude are benchmarks for promotion and pay increases  in His camps.

Look Up and Let Things Fall Into Place

Look up, let go and let things fall into place. Give up searching for the right words or the right ploy to move others as you desire. Trust Him and take the next right step. The only real Power you have to affect change is by example and through prayer.

Pray as if speaking to the most wealthy and kindest Daddy in the world. He loves you.

Read scripture to build your Faith.

Meditate on the Goodness in your life while breathing deeply.

Warriors of Light know that even winning the lottery won’t improve life without good stewardship. Grateful caring for the smallest of possessions welcomes the arrival of More.

Forgiveness Takes Practice

Forgiveness takes practice. Embracing forgiveness, as a gift that can be learned, keeps you balanced even under attack. Remember He is the scorekeeper. Trusting Him, to redeem you and any losses suffered, invisibly blocks the punches.

Pray and discuss matters with the Guy in Charge.

Read scripture to remind yourself of His Power.

Meditate because you safely can and because it centers your Soul.

Warriors of Light move with purpose and energy. Their posture and pace sets them apart.

Their Faith is in Him not the encountered or fellow troop. Warriors trained in forgiveness are very hard to fire upon or injure.

Be the Hero of Your Own Life

Be willing to play your part. Be the hero of your own life.

Employ kindness and gratitude in every scene. Surprise the family by not choosing anger as a response. Speak softly to all. Watch their amazement. Close each act with forgiveness and hear the applause in heaven.

Pray to Trust Him for each step.

Read scripture. Make some of it your own.

Meditate. Nobody has the time but if you take it He will magnify the rest .

Warriors of Light choose their lines carefully. They use silence when unsure. They look up when they miss a cue careful not to use words as darts.