Choose Optimism, Remember the Smiles and Hugs

Conditions are reportedly bad for the task is at hand.  Whether seeding a crop or hosting graduation,  choose optimism. Smiles and hugs are what is remembered.

Pray.  Let the Universe carry its own weight.

Read scripture.  Its  presence in your vision is edifying.

Meditate. This is the part where you relax from holding up your part of the world.

Warriors of Light demonstrate their inspiration.  They refuse to accept delivery of some troubles. They pray for a cheerful Spirit and a grateful heart.

Finding Our Path

Relationships reflect our spiritual condition. It is here that the “rubber meets the road.”

We hurt or get hurt. We begin to heal. With time we get better. Yet we go looking. We twist this way and that to assure ourselves the absence of pain. Careful now!  In doing this with our limb or another’s heart we can injure ourselves again.

Pray to see “the Lamp unto our feet, the Light unto our path .”

Read. “With our nose in scripture we are pointed in the right direction.”

Meditate. Be seated in trust. Note the firmness of your Foundation.

Warriors of Light work together in their battles, their mission, their camp.

Self centeredness is not an option

Safe Shelter in Times of Storm

Storms make clear the Power greater than oneself. Choose a position of shelter and hold on. The risk of changing positions is greater than the storm because usually stationary items become large bullets.

Best option is to “nestle under the wings of the Almighty.” He is a safe shelter in times of storm.

Pray works. Establish contact with a “very present Help in times of trouble.”

Read and learn the power of the word. A little mark on the page or a vehicle for great ideas ?

Meditate and realize where you are. Listen and see the way.

Warriors of Light know the value of being in formation and when necessary to break ranks.