We Must Let Go Heavy Treasures

Make it real in your life ! Make it stronger if you already have it, then share. See that life is like the ocean with many heavy treasures on the bottom. We long to float and breathe. To do so we must let go of the weight we treasure and Trust His currents to lift our inherited buoyancy.

Pray. Here we practice release and discuss our plans with The Director.

Read scripture. It contains instructions for regaining our breath.

Meditate. Here we practice release and let our minds float to the surface.

Warriors of Light have learned to float, tread water, body surf and to play in the currents and waves. They call to others, they teach swimming. Warriors of Light know the dangers of becoming entangled with a drowning man. As they offer their hand God lifts them both to safety.

Pray and Enjoy a Better View

Everything in our life has purpose. Every trial and taxing person holds a lesson and a treasure. Learn to enjoy !

Take those moments of angst and trade them for optimism. They never served you anyway.

Pray. Pray in the beginning and get a better view.

Read scripture. The secrets it holds are endless.

Meditate. Just take a minute. It works.

Warriors of Light will pray about anything with anyone. They do not discriminate. And you can join them.

Sharing the Treasures Within Us

Every day holds treasures. Every person holds treasures. With a smile they can be shared. Sharing brings joy for the giver and the receiver. So, what’s to lose ?

Pray for the perspective to see the treasures.

Read scripture to find wisdom and discernment.

Meditate. Breathe in and relish the moment.

Warriors of Light lead by example. Using shields of Faith they quench fiery darts. Using Praise and Gratitude as pitons they refuse the slide of self pity.

The Answer is to Let Go

Imagine, we are all underwater. We need air.

Some are relaxed. They can see the light, are not yet struggling and know by letting go they will be swept to the surface.

Others are caught in the tangle or holding on to treasure. Night falls, the direction of up is lost in a current. The answer is still to let go.

Pray. Pray aloud to your Father. We all have favor with Father.

Read scripture. Gain understanding.

Meditate. Breathe deeply to clear the tangles.

Warriors of Light know not to grasp a panicked fellow too tightly. Their touch relaxes. Their hand hold guides to the surface by demonstrating the buoyancy of Trust.

Real Treasure

Real treasures are in the heart. They shine in our smiles and are polished by adversity. They cannot be stolen or corrupted by dust and moths.

Pray. It becomes easier and more fruitful with practice.

Read scripture. Discover His love and friendship.

Meditate. Who has time ? Take a minute ! It improves the rest of your time like grease to a wheel.

Warriors of Light enjoy the practice of Faith. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing from the Word.” Enjoy real security !

Must Be Present to Win

“Each day deserves its own praises and loving angle of approach.” It is a gift ! It is called “the present”. 

We may choose to be optimistic and kind.

Pray. Leave your worries with Him.

Read scripture. Learn how to care for the treasures of life.

Meditate.  Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Repeat without guilt.

Warriors of Light know the activities above keep the weeds from their spiritual garden. Daily maintenance is required. Warriors of Light know “they must be present to win !”

Action Begets Motivation

“Action begets motivation !”

“Getting started is the only battle .”

Decisions don’t change lives. It is the repeated action that changes our thinking and then our feelings follow.

Pray for guidance. “If you don’t have a ‘higher power’ keep praying. You will be contacted !”

Read scripture. This builds faith.

Meditate. Really close your eyes for a few while inhaling deeply.

Warriors of Light find life to be an adventure filled with miracles. Even the darkest days hold treasures !

Share Your Life with Friends

Invest in your relationships, family, friends, the people who make up your day. Hold the smile they are looking for and compliment their efforts at life.

“Life is not easy at any age.” The people in your day are treasures and building blocks for your identity.

Pray and thank Him for the power to be nice.

Read. Explore Proverbs. “Reap what you sow.”

Meditate. Stop thinking and moving. Breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light find their joy in being of service to others. This leads them to a cloud of prosperity. Sharing etches the goodness of the day into the heart.

Feast on the Goodness in Life

Feast on the goodness in life !

Even the pain and heartache are for the purpose of making the desirable fruit shine.

Feast on your labor and relish your ability to focus, to perform.

Feast on the variety of people, how they make you smile !

Laugh at yourself ! Laugh with God ! He knows you !

Pray to enjoy and to cheer with appreciation!

Read Psalms this week ! Find the treasures and the reassurance.

Warriors of Light know the battle is in the mind. Their dance diminishes the power of the adversary !

The Treasure Within

People are people. They are not saints. Inside each of us is a treasure box of gifts and talents and feelings. People are nicest when they are rested and well fed. People need each other but have a tendency to be self centered. A smile or a kind word can cut through the traffic in our heads that keeps us apart. Doing for others can silence the committee in our heads and put joy in our hearts.

Pray to visit with the Creator.

Read His Word and devotionals for clues on playing well with others.

Meditate. Be still and know.

Warriors of Light sometimes suffer from friendly fire. They learn to forgive. They bring the wounded home.