Stay Focused on His Directional Beam

Life, our treasure chest, is opened with the key of Humility. Seen most clearly through lenses of Gratitude it unfolds with our Praise and Prayers. Drop the mask of dismay and confusion, be brave, embrace destiny  designed for you.

Pray and stay focused, on His directional beam.

Read scripture some of the adventures in it are yours.

Meditate. Relax through deep breathing. Feel His support.

Warriors of Light stay reminded of the Joy available simply by dancing with The Tune.  They see the next treasure in the faces around them. A smile, a word, a touch, a need met, an open hand. All are free yet priceless.

Seeing Our Portrait As Others Do

We are portraits. We are treasure chests. Fill yourself with a cheerful Spirit and a grateful heart and they will never notice your attire. Appreciate their brush strokes and sparkles and they will always remember how you made them feel.

Pray for the vision to see your own skill sets.

Read scripture. It reveals that there is nothing new under the sun.

Warriors of Light learn that The Father’s love is revealed in the smiles and touches of our fellows but mostly in our response.