Faith Is the Foundation for Our Spiritual Home

No time, space, workplace or relationship in Life exists without the need for encouragement and protection. Just as houses are made into homes with the addition of Love, all environments improve with His touch.

Pray to see difficulties as the opportunities they really are.

Read scripture to learn about using Spiritual tools and weapons.

Meditate as a practice for strengthening the soul.

Warriors of Light use Faith as a foundation for their homes. They build steep roofs of Truth allowing the news of the day slide from their plates. They paint their walls with Kindness and flip on the Light of Gratitude when coming home. When resentment or illness knock at the door, they refuse the delivery and ask Him to handle the packages.

Don’t Set a Place for Pains and Disappointments at the Table

Use the right tools. Our privilege is to exercise good thinking, make good choices and grow in the Light. The battleground for Peace is in our mind. His tools are available for us to create a reality which Honors Him and favors us. End use of the word “but” to explain allowance of our pain.

Pray today and watch the future improve.

Read scripture and see the tools available from each position.

Meditate. Relax and learn what the Heart already knows.

Warriors of Light deal with traffic by driving only their own car.  They too receive wild thoughts, pains and disappointments, they simply don’t set a place for them at the table.

Climbing Through the Rocky Times

Use the right tool for the job ! Unlock your vision aids with the tool of Thanksgiving. Notice that Praise for what you have, regardless of what you feel, actually brings more Light to the situation. Remember that our attitude is our angle of approach.

Pray and speak to the Author of Peace.

Read scripture and let the words from the page feed your heart.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and relax.

Warriors of Light are practiced at using the tools of Thanksgiving and Praise. They use these like pitons to climb through the rocky times of life. Their smiles are the evidence of their things not seen.

Cloaked with the Lessons of Life

Employ your Gratitude before arising ! Watch sunshine and love fill the morning. Add Joy to your toolbag as you start your day. Keep your focus in today with what you have. Be willing to face today just you and Our Father. Watch others see what you have and come calling!

Pray to remember who you are and the Majesty of His Power.

Read scripture. It renews your mind. Dip a bit deeper and let it reach your heart.

Meditate. Doesn’t seem important until you try it !

Warriors of Light know how to celebrate !  They party by knitting the sharp lessons of life into capes that glisten. They march cloaked in protection. When they visit they share the comfort of their cloaked past.

Interestingly there is never much clean up needed after the Warriors party.

There is a Planner and It is Not Us

Something is going on in your life. It seems disturbing, so your mind sets to work. You choose a posture, imagine the arguments and plan. While doing all this you lose your place in the present.

Come back to where your hands are. Remember two key facts. There is a Planner and it is not us.

Pray.  Voice  your desires and complaints to management.

Read. Become aware of the tools that are available to you .

Meditate. Inhale deeply. Relax and just be.

Warriors of Light attend ceremonies. Their participation attests to the value of what is being recognized. Their growth comes from participation.