We Weave the Texture of Life with Thoughts and Actions

Moment by moment we weave the texture of life with thoughts and actions. We can pull from the long yarn which lies in the Light without snags and thread the loom evenly with Thanks and Praise.

Pray. Stay in touch with the Force that makes things new every morning.

Read scripture and proclaim authority over the snares of evil.

Meditate and relax. Breath deeply and rest in the rhythm of integrity.

Warriors of Light find rest and blessings within an honest weave. A rich texture shows in the robes and the posture of a confident prayer Warrior.

He is Always Available to Hold Our Hand

Things are new every morning and often a good night’s rest can change our minds, our perspective, our strength and our opportunities. Prayer changes things and He is always available to hold our hand.

Pray and let Him manage the day’s difficulties.

Read scripture and find His assurance no matter how unusual your pocket of reality seems to be.

Meditate and relax in who you really are. Let the whole quality assessment rest for a few.

Warriors of Light know that helping others lifts their own spirits. Warriors know that they are trained for a reason. Paths are loaded with potholes sometimes designed to twist the foot. Proper placement of thoughts and words allows dependence on Him. This is the safest place to be and the Light is brightest here.

The Canvas of the Day Awaits

Thoughts and words have power beyond belief !

The circumstances are set, the tasks are before you and the canvas is yours ! You can complain or create. The ball is in your court.

If someone pleases you, acknowledge it. If someone displeases you, ignore. Watch the good things increase in percentage fairly quickly.

Pray and remember the Source.

Read scripture and learn. The owners manual always helps.

Meditate on the good things while breathing deeply.

Warriors of Light use words as tools and thoughts follow. Once in sync, goodness floods the situation quenching all fires.