Be of Service, Find Purpose

Celebrate your life by being all that you can be!

Then realize that Humility leads to the highest point.

Get outside of self and think of others first, be of service, find purpose.

Pray and speak to The Source.

Read scripture and gain perspective.

Meditate and relax with deep breathing. Stop and just be for a few.

Warriors of Light maintain their Peace by sharing their piece. This marks their reality with Joy and brings Light to any situation. Don’t make light of it, keep it Light!

The Battleground is in the Mind

Impossible becomes possible, Life and Peace are at hand. Change comes when not looking by building Acceptance and Gratitude for the given. Mercy is everlasting.

Pray because learning to communicate with The Source answers all the “why’s” in the heart.

Read scripture with an eyelash of willingness and let your thinking be renewed.

Meditate often and listen for the phone call from Our Dad saying everything is going to be alright.

Warriors of Light know their thinking must be right. The battleground is in the mind where the evil one casts fiery darts.

Troublesome noise can become a soft song when buffered by a Shield of Faith.

No Matter the Distance or Time Away


Turn toward the light at any time and be received with Joy. No matter the distance or time away the return takes only one step. Be surprised by blessings pouring upon those who but look upward, they were stored awaiting their return.

Pray and stay in touch with The Source of all Goodness.

Read scripture and learn that there is nothing new under the sun.

Meditate and mull over the Mercy offered by Our Father.

Warriors of Light march with purpose and enjoy sharing the adventure. They give and it is returned. Always available with a smile they know that giving to others opens an account which never runs dry.

A Prize for Everyone

“And wait, there is more !”

Available now to all who ask is real security ! Just call up now and ask Him !

He is waiting. Waiting for us to turn His way so that He can pour out His blessings.

Pray. Tell Him your concerns.

Read scripture. It has something for everyone. A prize for all ages.

Meditate. Slow down, breathe deeply, repeat.

Warriors of Light practice reaching up for help and looking up for directions. They go straight to Management.

Straight to The Source.

The is no more secure position than the one of trust.

The Canvas of the Day Awaits

Thoughts and words have power beyond belief !

The circumstances are set, the tasks are before you and the canvas is yours ! You can complain or create. The ball is in your court.

If someone pleases you, acknowledge it. If someone displeases you, ignore. Watch the good things increase in percentage fairly quickly.

Pray and remember the Source.

Read scripture and learn. The owners manual always helps.

Meditate on the good things while breathing deeply.

Warriors of Light use words as tools and thoughts follow. Once in sync, goodness floods the situation quenching all fires.