A Good Life is Like a Cake

A Good Life is like a cake. It requires all the right ingredients. Flour ground with  Good practices, sugar sweetened by Love, butter churned by Good manners and frosting applied with Kindness. It is enjoyed  when shared in Fellowship of friends and family while Thankfully acknowledging the Great Baker.

Pray to choose the best flavors.

Read scripture to see the recipes.

Meditate. Breathe in the Fine aromas.

Warriors of Light use Praise to change the march into a dance.

They know anything well baked has been through a few fires. They also remember one cannot have the cake and eat it as well.

Playing the Hand Dealt

Be thankful for what you have to do on this day. Look up and embrace the opportunities He has put before you. Play the hand you are dealt. Champions are not those who get good hands, they are the ones who have learned how to handle cards that don’t win on their own.

Pray first. Turning our attention away from ourselves wins the day.

Read scripture and add to your repertoire.

Meditate. Breath in Trust. Relax.

Warriors of Light are continually surprised by the Goodness of their Commander. His plan, fallowed, is life and peace. Come to Him first and avoid disaster.

Being Thankful for the Goodness All Around Us

Focus on the good. See the good. Speak of the good. Encourage the good. Desire the good. Protect the good. Love the good. Enjoy the good. Have a good day !

Pray and be thankful for the goodness of life. Or ask to find it.

Read scripture. Gain more understanding.

Meditate. Even breathing creates even breath.

Warriors of Light establish a perimeter which restricts entry of anything not good. Guess what grows inside ?

Being Thankful Today

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life ! Enjoy it !

Put on a new hat if only with a new attitude ! Try some new food. Do a new exercise. Life is a privilege. See the adventure !

Pray. Be thankful and express it.

Read scripture and discover your purpose and strengths.

Meditate. This is time used wisely. Use it wisely.

Warriors of Light discover that waiting  is an adventure of guiding the imagination.

Anxiety is an adventure in acceptance.