Let Love Clean the Lenses of Our Mind

Time and talent belong in expression not in hiding. Only fear can block the Spirit from shining in these areas. Love can block fear. Use Love, express Love, give Love, give more Love and watch. Life will be fearlessly filled with guess what ? Wait for it …Love.

Pray and talk to Our Father. Express your Love, feel the warmth of His Love.

Read scripture, look closely at the Love stories.

Meditate, a quiet method of soaking in the Love.

Warriors of Light know fear is a disease of perception. The cure is but an eyelash of willingness to let Love clean the lenses of our mind. Get up and help someone else. Look for the need, see it and act. If only but to open a jar for a weaker person, the action will open the heart allowing a crack of willingness to let in Love and wipe a smile on our heart.

Keep Your Heart as That of a Child

Use your talents for the good. Draw, write, invest, pray, cook, fish, track game, sing or dance. Don’t think yourself too busy, unworthy or old just thank Him and keep moving. Be willing to share what you have learned, when asked by others.

Pray for all of your plans and be being willing to change them.

Read scripture, it helps everybody when we read.

Meditate on His good Word and good works in your life.

Warriors of Light know to keep their heart as that of a child. This angle of approach allows them the smiles and joys of a child as well.

Time is a Gift

You have gifts and talents. Just add follow through ! The stage and lights won’t display leadership, loyalty, courage, an eye for color and use of space, educational skills and a heart for helping. We all have talents and gifts ! Learn to recognize and hone the good things inside you !

Pray to prioritize your time. Time is a gift.

Read scripture it will give you the best Manager for your life.

Meditate before getting lost in the scramble of your day.

Warriors of Light watch their own talents increase as they persevere. They watch their own time increase when they honor God.