Quality Work is as Important as Quality Building Materials

Thinking offers design for the tool of words. Name it and claim it, positive is best. Gratitude holds the ladder, prayer is the hammer and humility offers the elbow grease.

Pray for the resources needed. Watch, next day delivery is always a surprise.

Read scripture, learn to read plans and which structures last.

Meditate, relax, be refreshed with new insights.

Warriors of Light know quality work is as important as quality building materials. Code enforcement is for the good. Jerry-riggings are costly in the end. Only His work is everlasting.

The Best Daddy in the World Loves You

Choose to see the best in people and encourage them. Let others hear Encouragement and feed upon Hope. Accept surprises and difficulties as but opportunities to use your training and be of help.

Pray like you are speaking to the best Daddy in the world and He loves you.

Read scripture and watch your mind work more clearly.

Meditate even when you think you don’t have time. Take a phrase from a Psalm and chew on it.

Warriors of Light know the Truth when they hear it but they know that everyone hears a different tune.

Soar Like an Eagle

Everyday holds the promise of a new beginning. The choice is ours. There is a plan. The whole plan would overwhelm so we take each day.

Humility is the key. Humility allows us to refresh our view. It allows us to ask for directions. It allows us to be carried and to be strengthened. Humility implies trust. Trust Him.

Pray and find yourself strengthened.

Read scripture and find the path.

Meditate. Find the surprise in quiet.

Warriors of Light  “wait upon the Lord and their strength is renewed. They soar like an eagle.”