Let Sunshine Sparkle in Your Smile

Distress displays our character. When we fall unexpectedly what words come from the mouth ? When someone angers us, is our response soft ? When disappointed is sulking the favored option ?

Pray and realize this is the most important and effective conversation happening.

Read scripture. Discover that our battles are not new.

Meditate. Breathe deeply. This can be done safely at home, in the car or on breaks at work.

Warriors of Light did not just decide to shine. They sought the Light, walked in the Light, soaked it the Light, allowed Light to hold space in their heart and minds. They cleared the way for the Sunlight of the Spirit to sparkle in their smiles.

Unshackle the Weight of the Past

Each sunrise offers a fresh start. Refuse to bring in yesterday’s problems.  Carrying the unshackled weight of the past will fetter our loving and learning. There is a lesson today that is just your size and style.

Pray for clarity to see the bright side.

Read scripture. Gain some lessons for free.

Meditate. Stop moving and breathe deeply. Watch things improve.

Warriors of Light know the Sunshine of the Spirit enters and moves more freely in a uncluttered space. Sometimes just closing an old door opens a new path.

An Eyelash of Willingness

With just an eyelash of willingness the Sunlight of the Spirit will enter. In awe, we be renewed, strengthened, and set aright. Be willing to breathe the good air.

Pray, aloud if necessary, from a book if necessary.

Read scripture. Find clues to improve your prayers.

Meditate. Take a deep breath. Taste the good air.

Warriors of Light march in the Spirit of the Commander. His Spirit falls upon them, refreshing them, lifting them.

Life is a Garden – What Will Yours Yield?

“We reap what we sow.”

Life is a garden.  Plant the good. Cultivate with love and attention.  Limit the undesirable.

Pray. Use Praise and Thanksgiving as yield increasing tools.

Read scripture. It adds “ light unto your path and a lamp unto your feet”.

Meditate. Relax with your deep breath.

Warriors of Light are miracles of growth in the Sunlight of the Spirit. Their roots have grown deep and they are prepared for the big wind.