Help is as close as looking up

Pain is heavy, sometimes overwhelming. We imagine it will last forever.

“Suffering is the most underused resource on the planet.”

“A problem shared is a problem cut in half.”

Help is as close as looking up.

It does not last forever and we learn, change and grow. We become stronger people who know how to make it through tough times.

We learn how to ask for help and how to receive it.

Pray. Become “a part of ” not “apart from.”

Read scripture and become familiar with your options.

Meditate. Silence the worry committee and breathe.

Warriors of Light know to be who they are. They look best and fit best in their own armor.

Tending the Garden

Complacency is not an option for spiritual growth and good  relationships.

Things must be tended.

Even a well planted, well tended garden gets weeds.

Weeds block the Sunlight of the Spirit.

Pray that you find continued inspiration.

Read and learn how to buttress your position.

Warriors of Light welcome opportunities for growth.

Suffering is a great resource. Certainly under appreciated but always resulting in growth