Feelings Change with a Smile

Feelings change with a smile, a song, a success or a good sandwich. Circumstances change with things as simple as the mail or the weather. His Love never changes and is the missing piece of the Heart.

Pray and be filled and fulfilled.

Read scripture to learn that the game has been won.

Meditate and relax in being loved.

Warriors of Light are trained to make decisions based on principles instead of feelings. Sound decisions will weave a relationship with Him. Looking up allows one to see the blessings being poured into our lives.

Through Personal Touch

Get out what is put in ! Suit up and show up ! The most successful realtor stated his availability as “when you had time to look. “ When you called his number, he answered.

Not through Instagram or Tweets but through personal touch.

Pray with Thanksgiving. When people are thankful for what you give it inspires more giving.

Read scripture, note the track record of those who took His Word personally.

Meditate to recharge.

Warriors of Light know relationships are like gardens, they must be cultivated and tended to grow and bear fruit. He always takes our calls personally and will delivers us from the snare of the fowler and the noisome pestilence.

Place Your Next Step in the Right Direction.

The solution is the same for all. Look up and place your next step in the right direction. Speak kindly to others. As soon as you increase the volume, your audience is lost. Repeat. We learn through repetition.

Pray often and watch your successes increase.

Read scripture. It is where the story starts and ends.

Meditate daily. Visit the moment.

Warriors of Light create and depend on good habits. This keeps them in good stead. Peace is found inside pockets of time not requiring new decisions.

Is It Failure or Success We Fear Most?

We think we fear failure. The real fear may be success.

Join your Father’s team and allow the synergism of trust give you the ride of your life.

Pray. You have not when you ask not.

Read scripture. Discover that He is never too busy.

Meditate. This one is hard because you have to be still.

Warriors of Light know motives matter. They direct the result.

Allowing Him to Complete You

Successful joy lies in simply abandoning everything YOU think it will take to make you complete and allowing Him to complete you.

Pray. Turn up with desires and expectations.

Read scripture. See hope and good reports.

Meditate. Purposely take time that you think you cannot afford and breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light know that He knows each of His soldiers and His children. No detail of concern will be missed when we allow Him to deliver the best.

Opening Doors

Life is good ! Enjoying it is a program of action !

Use the tools you have. Gratitude is a powerful force.

Choose your attitude or “angle of approach “.

Force applied an the proper angle can move many large obstacles.

Pray. Prayer works. Pray for the people who have wronged you. Pray for them to have everything you desire, first thing, for two weeks. Watch them change.

Read scripture. His Word will adjust our attitudes.

Meditate. Relax. Breathe deeply and slowly.

Warriors of Light reflect on past solutions and success that He has offered. They do this instead of worrying and it opens doors that appeared to be closed.

Do The Next Right Thing, Repeat

There is a formula for success ! Do the next right thing. Now repeat. And repeat. This will give you right thinking which will lead to good feelings. Decisions based on principles, not feelings lead to success. * Pray. Simply talk to the Source.

Read scripture and devotionals to remind you of right and wrong.

Meditate. Stop the noise in your head  ! Relax and be.

Warriors of Light don’t walk on by. They help those that can be helped. They grieve that some won’t.


*The Twelve Step Recovery Program sings a similar tune