It is Only Pride that Keeps our Hands on the Reins

It is only pride that keeps our hands on the reins comparing our struggles to that of others. Seasons, feelings and circumstances change but He stays the same, waiting to be of help. He is always at hand and the solution to everything is to let Him carry the weight.

Pray and let your feelings be known.

Read scripture. The Humility of opening the pages opens the heart to the Good News.

Meditate. Relax and breathe deeply. From there one can often get the message as His Kingdom is within.

Warriors of Light share with fellow troops and with estranged travelers. Their missions spread the Joy available to all.

One Tiny Step at a Time is All it Takes to Change Direction

One tiny step at a time is all it takes to change direction, reality, purpose and destination. One step is all it takes to become honest, courageous or thoughtful. He is waiting to help and the world is waiting to see integrity as the fashion statement that grows more attractive with age.

Pray to stay on the beam and enfolded by His warmth.

Read scripture to see no struggles are new or unique.

Meditate on Goodness and take Delight.

Warriors of Light know that it all boils down only to taking one step at a time. His hand is available to all, inside His hand lies Peace of mind.

Mainstays Need to be Chosen Carefully

Originating from the name of a stay supporting the largest mast on a tall ship, a mainstay is a person or a thing that acts as a chief support. Choose your mainstays carefully in your spiritual life, your diet and your friendships.

Pray, not as an afterthought but as a foundation of your day.

Read scripture. Even non-believers benefit from profound truths.

Meditate. Stop moving. Breathe deeply. Silence the committee in your mind.

Warriors of Light suffer the same struggles, but with the knowledge that they are safe no matter the outcome. So safe that they may lend a hand.