The Answer is to Let Go

Imagine, we are all underwater. We need air.

Some are relaxed. They can see the light, are not yet struggling and know by letting go they will be swept to the surface.

Others are caught in the tangle or holding on to treasure. Night falls, the direction of up is lost in a current. The answer is still to let go.

Pray. Pray aloud to your Father. We all have favor with Father.

Read scripture. Gain understanding.

Meditate. Breathe deeply to clear the tangles.

Warriors of Light know not to grasp a panicked fellow too tightly. Their touch relaxes. Their hand hold guides to the surface by demonstrating the buoyancy of Trust.

Pray for Direction

As time passes quality is demonstrated. By things that last and things revealed. Webs of good decisions hold through the struggles of life.

Pray for direction and correction from above.

Read scripture. The devil must flee in the presence of the Word.

Meditate on who you are as a child of the King.

Warriors of Light know their position and the mission. Only a smile can thwart their ferocity.