Take Stock in Your Position

Sharing is a gift. Sharing makes things real and remembered. Sharing is an art, a talent to be developed. Sharing pleases Our Father. He replaces and multiplies our shares in waves that return to us with strength and prosperity.

Pray to better aim the next big share.

Read scripture to learn about the dividends of your shares.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and take stock in your position while relaxed.

Warriors of Light know markets go up and down. We have but One Provider who knows our hearts and our needs.

Kinship of Belief

Synergy means that the power of people or units working together is greater than the sum of the same working alone, or teamwork increases strength.

Kinship of belief offers increased strength for the group and the individuals. Used in prayer the Power will show quickly.

Pray alone and with others. Practice perfects.

Read scripture to stay on track.

Meditate to feed some relaxed moments to your day and your soul.

Warriors of Light have volunteered. Camaraderie and service fuel the Light and are fueled by the Light. They win their battles not by knowing the future but by enabling it. They become Blessed and wear it well.

Find a Place to Rest and Understand the Answers

Freedom not restriction is really found within the Light. There lies visibility, direction and Him to hold our  hand. Strength to endure, places to rest, fellowship with those we allow to help are available as soon as we stop directing and start listening.

Pray to understand the answer to our prayers.

Read scripture. Tuck a few lines into memory to feed the heart.

Meditate. Enjoy breathing in His company.

Warriors of Light know to stay in the Light. They use Praise and Gratitude to bolster their shields of Faith. Many strive because they fear finding themselves in hell. Most Warriors have already been through hell and they refuse to go back!

When You Need a Bigger Bucket

Look for the sun when you open your eyes. Give Thanks first and improve your odds for a great day. Each day holds treasures for you. See them in the smiles of other people or find them in your own improved countenance. Choose a kind and thoughtful response to each encounter and watch your cup overflow.

Pray as a continued conversation  with your biggest fan.

Read scripture to remind you of His strength.

Meditate. It is your privilege to relax in His safe keeping.

Warriors of Light hold their treasures in an open bucket. They share through the day and they receive. Always it seems, they could really use a bigger bucket.

Peace That Passes Understanding

Good news !

Stress is good and anxiety is unnecessary !

Stress creates strength and resilience. It increases flexibility.

Anxiety is only possible when focusing on self. Look up and it is reduced. Speak up and turn it over to Management .

Pray. Voice your complaints, request help, offer Thanks and Praise.

Read scripture. It is not as old and dusty as it may have seemed.

Meditate for a few.

Warriors of Light know that to “Be anxious for nothing but by means of prayer and supplication make thy requests known…” will result in Peace which passes understanding.


Surely We Need Not Fear Uncertainty

Fear not ! Keep your mind on the positives of where you are. No matter what the future holds you will be best prepared by relishing the opportunities at hand.

Enjoy the growth and lessons at your fingertips !

Pray for understanding and renewal of your strength .

Read scripture. Memorize parts and carry them into your future.

Meditate. Stop the doing and just breathe. See where you are.

Warriors of Light know that the future holds uncertainty. The surety of their glow makes steps through the dark more certain.

He Will Bring Light

March on ! When it feels cold He will warm your heart with His Word.

When it seems impossibly dark He will bring light. In fact your smile and reflection of His trust may warm and bring light to the whole picture.

Pray to gain strength.

Read Psalm 91 and be refreshed.

Meditate on your blessings.

Warriors of Light know to eat properly and rest before the march. They must remind each other to eat and drink cautiously after the march. They remember that victory is already in possession.

Don’t come to the feast table of life and starve to death

“Don’t come to the feast table of life and starve to death .” There is something for you in every moment.

“Don’t let them steal your joy ! ”

Trust Him. Hold onto His hand as you trudge up the hill or face the lion.

Your privilege is to allow Him to equip you for the battle.

Pray to be reminded that the burdens are not yours to carry.

Read scripture. Watch it strengthen you and guide your steps.

Meditate. Inhale deeply. Taste the moment. Be refreshed.

Warriors of Light relish difficulties as opportunities.

Their resilience shines more brightly while moving through a cloud and even brighter in the midst of doubt.

Embracing Change

We like things a certain way !

Many of these ways are orderly. However, the second law of thermodynamics states that things move naturally from order to disorder.

Best alternative is to embrace change. Most of us are willing to do this only if we can hide our favorite chair from this reality.

Pray for willingness. Let go and become willing.

Read scripture and devotionals to add good flavor to your willingness.

Meditate. For most,  just doing this will be a change.

Warriors of Light rejoice in the opportunities to become more flexible. Their strength increases with flexibility.

Let Go and Let God

Do not take tomorrow’s troubles into today. The plan for you includes enough nourishment and strength for one day at a time. Sometimes we try to shoulder responsibilities that are not our own.

“Let go and let God. ”

Pray for guidance in your in your day. Pray as one of your responsibilities.

Read scripture old and new.

While you are reading God can reach your heart with his messages.

Meditate. Remember who you are. Continue to blossom.

Warriors of Light know how to move with the ebb and flow. They keep extra troops in reserve.