All Pendulums Swing

Water, air and light allow us to grow. Water, air and light age us. Repeated movement makes us strong and repeated movement  makes us weak. Take His hand for Direction and His Word for understanding that all pendulums swing.

Pray and tell Him your concerns. His counsel is free.

Read scripture for the renewal of your mind.

Meditate and breathe deeply. Feel His Peace and relax.

Warriors of Light know their mission is Spiritual and shows no wrinkles. Spiritual growth will give you a flush in your cheeks and restore your wings like an eagle’s. You shall run and not be weary.

Building Blocks of Joy

Acceptance is a building block to joy !

If thoughts are spent reviewing the “should” and the “oughts”, awareness of current benefits can be lost. This steals our joy !

Be of help to those before you and joy returns !

“Keep your mind where your hands are !”

The past is gone, the future is yet to arrive. The moment you are in is so full of opportunities, they call it the present !

Pray. Whether you believe or not, prayer works.

Read scripture. Learn more about the spiritual side of things.

Meditate. Be still long enough to see the world turn without your assistance. Now that’s perspective !

Warriors of Light know that if they give their time or their money, it is multiplied and returned. You can’t outgive Him !

Take Care of Yourself So You Can Help Others

Doing for others sometimes allows us to be lazy about doing for ourselves. And it looks so good on the outside ! We often fool ourselves.

“Put your own oxygen mask on first.” If you are not breathing you can’t help anyone else.

Keep your own house in order.

“Pray upon awakening.” Ask for guidance and direction.

Read scripture. Edify your spirit.

Meditate. Breathe deeply. Exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light know that their spiritual side requires daily feeding. Today’s battles require today’s efforts.

Learn to Laugh

“We can be part of the problem or part of the solution.”

There are more opportunities in the latter. Sometimes being part of the solution is staying out of the problem. Let them work it out !  Be entertained by their antics. Learn to laugh !

Pray and remember the spiritual side of your life is the most important.

Read scripture. The answers were found a long time ago and they were written.

Meditate. Be still. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light celebrate every day. They remember their Farher. They glorify Him with good choices. They enjoy the results.

As Vital as Breathing

Reminder – The unseen spiritual world plays key roles in our countenance, our welfare and our destiny. ” Snooze and lose.”  Ahem… “not making a decision is a decision.”

Pray. It is as vital as taking a breath.

Read scripture. Pick a piece and make it yours. Internalize it.

Meditate. Rest in His arms. He has your back.

Warriors of Light gird their loins with Truth. They utilize their shields of Faith. They don their helmets of salvation. When the fiery darts come, they are at the ready

Ever Feel Like You are Alone in a Boat?

Concrete pavement must contain the right mix of sand and rebar to be established and take wear without cracks.

We must maintain the right mix of physical and spiritual food to take wear without cracking.

Pray and touch base.

Read and learn more about your spiritual tools and responsibilities.

Meditate and relax. Instructions are handy.

Reminder ! There is a God and it’s not us !
Warriors of Light are here to help !
You are not alone in the boat !

Your Spiritual Self

Our understanding of being happy is misconstrued. Real joy lies not in physical beauty or health. Not in pleasant emotions or wealth.  Not even in understanding the workings of the earth and our minds. The happy man is a humble spirit who knows how to use the Word.

Pray to value your spiritual self .

Read to feed your spiritual self. Careful ! What you read and watch and listen to feeds your spirit.

Meditate. Listen.

Warriors of Light know nothing is hidden but understanding must be gained.