To Be a Victim You Must be able to See Yourself as a Victim

To be a victim you must be able to see yourself as a victim, to be robbed you must get into position.

Protection and blessings are offered for your benefit.

Pray to speak with top management.

Read scripture to learn winning spiritual warfare.

Meditate by breathing deeply and staying in the present.

Warriors of Light know that some forces come to steal, destroy and lead the faithful to death. It has been written that our battle is against principalities and powers.

Most effective weapons are not visible but conditions of the heart substantiated by words and prayer.

Arm Yourself with Shields of Faith and Swords of Truth

Words and actions reflect our thinking and our heart. Odd thoughts and feelings appear, our responsibility lies in refusing to entertain them. The mind is a battleground between Good and evil. The winner is the one we personally arm.

Pray often, pray aloud. This transforms the mood.

Read scripture. This transforms the mind.

Warriors of Light engage in Spiritual Warfare. They arm themselves with Shields of Faith and Swords of Truth.