Look up and follow His Light

So quickly the mind will pick a theme of discontent and follow a trail adding evidence to rationalize. Keep the mind on the Goodness He offers and seek Humility rather than justice. Offer Praise rather than licking wounds and gain Spiritual growth which serves forever.

Pray earnestly without a scorecard. Pray for the needs of others and gain “extra credit” for your lessons.

Read scripture and find pleasure in dying to the needs of self.

Meditate and relax in the paradox of surrender for victory.

Warriors of Light sometimes lose their way but their training teaches to look up and follow His Light. The willingness to seek His good returns more than our hearts desire.

Humility and Integrity are More Valuable than Gold

Humility and integrity are more valuable than gold. Looking through their perspective enables one to see the real value in life, to add to it and be a part of it. Their perspective makes life an adventurous journey avoiding the self centered traps.

Pray to get out of self. Offer your attention to the One who can put it to Good use.

Read scripture. Open it in the light and gain Light.

Meditate by breathing deeply while trusting His hand to hold you.

Warriors of Light know the dangers of thinking alone. Helping others keeps them out of their own heads and quiets the worry committees.  Wearing the mantles of Integrity and Humility keeps them out of Egypt (the land of de-Nile ) and gains invitation to the paths of Spiritual Growth.

Only If We Let Go of the Reins

Perfection is not our lot, improvement and spiritual growth must be our goal. Our goals must not include the behavior or feelings of another but only a better version of ourselves. His Love will inspire and guide us only if we let go of the reins.

Pray because it is the real conversation of Life.

Read scripture because our adventures are nothing new. His words will sustain us.

Meditate because the time spent will magnify itself in your renewed effectiveness .

Warriors of Light can get the blues or be confused, this too will pass. Fellow troops and travelers are available. One can see God’s Mercy in the reach of their hand.


All Pendulums Swing

Water, air and light allow us to grow. Water, air and light age us. Repeated movement makes us strong and repeated movement  makes us weak. Take His hand for Direction and His Word for understanding that all pendulums swing.

Pray and tell Him your concerns. His counsel is free.

Read scripture for the renewal of your mind.

Meditate and breathe deeply. Feel His Peace and relax.

Warriors of Light know their mission is Spiritual and shows no wrinkles. Spiritual growth will give you a flush in your cheeks and restore your wings like an eagle’s. You shall run and not be weary.

Lost in the Woods

Lost in the woods, for long enough, willingness to ask for guidance becomes more attractive. Often the way out is not straight and we begin to instruct Our Guide on how He should proceed. He knows the hidden pitfalls and Leads around them.

Pray and stay in touch with Management.

Read scripture and see the treasure map that so many seek.

Meditate. It provides rest, blood pressure control and smoother turns on The Journey.

Warriors of Light know their mission is to reflect His Light even in the darkness. His Light leads to Life and Peace. His Light feeds Love and Spiritual growth.

He is Our Ever Present Help in Times of Trouble.

It is an inside job! Improving our health, spiritual growth, relationships and potential opportunities all start with but an eyelash of willingness. Persistence is encouraged by lists and Direction comes from opening to allow the flow of His Light.  His secrets are not hidden they are written in our Heart.

Pray to relieve the Soul’s hunger for His presence and His hand.

Read scripture to alleviate the confusion of the worldly mind.

Meditate and relax while He takes the wheel.

Warriors of Light gain the awe of youth as they age. Their vision is improved and their mind is renewed by His touch. Finding shelter in the Shadow of the Almighty is always possible because He lives in our heart. He is our ever present Help in times of trouble.

Two Steps Forward

Progress in real life is not indicated by straight lines of improvement. Two steps forward, rest, two steps to the side or back is more usual. He knows our hearts and how long we tangled the web. He can understand our thinking and is pleased by the improvement.

Pray for Guidance and Direction.

Read scripture as a never ending source of inspiration.

Meditate daily. Listen to your breathing and watch it lift your Heart.

Warriors of Light know willingness to be the fertilizer of progress in spiritual growth. Willingness also greases the rough spots as the web of self centeredness is pulled away. Acceptance soothes the soul as it breathes through freshly cracked ego.

Spiritual Growth and Relationships

Spiritual growth is our main priority. Circumstances are but reflections of our success in this effort and products of our relationships. Relationships are where the rubber meets the road.

Pray to Our Father. Knowing where we stand as his child lets all else fall into place.

Read scripture. Learning here causes less scarring.

Meditate on all the good that He has offered you.

Warriors of Light listen. Often the pontificator’s astute eye of judgement is a mark of laziness avoiding the responsibility of action. Warriors know the right actions create right thinking followed by right feelings. Warriors shine because they polish.

Sail in the Right Direction

Discipline is required to gain direction. Starting the day with a set procedure which makes Spiritual growth a priority will result in more spiritual growth.

“Set your sails lest the winds carry you astray.”

Pray. Talk to your Father as someone you would like to know better.

Read. Scripture will let us learn. Open scripture creates an environment enabling us to hear.

Warriors of Light hide scripture in their heart. It becomes part of their breath.

Green Pastures and Still Waters

We are either moving forward or backward in our spiritual growth. We do enjoy the green pastures by the still waters but our position must be maintained.

Pray for inspiration and energy to continue the march.

Read to learn more about walking upright .

Meditate. Listen. God speaks through other people.

Warriors of Light recognize the message. They cherish its importance, it’s delivery, its signs.