Take The Hand Offered You

It is not what happens that matters, it is our response that makes or breaks our day, our relationships and our souls. A response is required as tucking things away leads to festering.

Take The Hand offered you, receive your portion and His soothing Shadow.

Pray, remember you are on a team and can speak to the Team Leader at any time.

Read scripture, its open pages afford His Presence in the absence of fiery darts.

Meditate and relax in your own skin knowing you are covered by His Wings.

Warriors of Light know to stay out of their own heads and keep their minds on the next task. Often you can hear them humming with some words of Praise or Gratitude to stake out their territory of Peace.

Injustice and Tragedy are But Clouds Hiding His Presence

Love makes the world go round, validates our soul and brings us peace. God is Love sharing news of His Power in each smile. Our choice is to inhabit the present where He lives or join the ego’s drama of should haves and could haves to which so many dance.

Pray because the world will be different after but one word.

Read scripture and let His Power move into your heart.

Meditate. Soak in His presence and be rejuvenated.

Warriors of Light know that injustice and tragedy are but clouds hiding His presence. When observing a battle they know that fighting stops when people look up. There are no losers, just those that have yet to request their portion while giving something to someone in need.

Hope is More Powerful

Hope is more powerful than rushing flood waters.  Hope can seep into a bad day or heartbreak through the tiniest of cracks. One person’s smile or a ray of sunlight can remind us that even when unseen He carries us and we have purpose.

Pray, pray aloud, cry, cry aloud. He hears and just because things  change does not mean His hand or our purpose is lost.

Read scripture and let it fortify your soul.

Meditate and listen to the wind and the birds, carrying on.

Warriors of Light find Joy through practiced means. Gratitude for and Praise of His Mercy coats theart with a salve designed by Him. The heart swells and is soaked in Peace.e h

Choose to React Kindly Even When Hurt

Choose to react kindly even when hurt and heroically dissipate the pain. Look up for your validation and know that you are well made with a plan. Improve what you have been given with study and practice.

Smile as you shed the need for validation by anyone but Him. Learn that you are not less than but more than enough when you allow His Love to fill your cup.

Pray and let Him run the show.

Read scripture and declare His protection in your soul.

Meditate and discover Him in your corner with water, bandages and a little aspercreme.

Warriors of Light still get bruised and bleed but they know they are in training.  They let His Power heal them as they rest under His wings. Repeated, this treatment allows His Light to shine ever more brilliantly in their lives.

Step Toward the Light

Actions become habits and habits become character. Improvement begins with but one step in the right direction. Step toward the Light and watch it spread through the heart and mind illuminating the darkness of neglect and blame.

Pray and open the upward channels.

Read scripture and fuel the Light from within.

Meditate and relax the soul in His arms.

Warriors of Light know that our Spirits are attacked by the fiery darts of poor thinking, rationalizing lack of responsibility, fears of failure, lust and envy. Shields of Faith quench fiery darts immediately, so lift them upward and give Thanks.

Pray to be Filled with the Spirit and Joy

Lovely parts of our country require water management. Like our Souls, they suffer low swampy areas filled with stagnant mosquito laden waters. Dams or boundaries are established, allowing good water to fill up, providing recreation or fishing. Canals are cut to maintain and balance the flow.

Pray to be filled with the Spirit and Joy.

Read Scripture to gain and release Gratitude.

Meditate and luxuriate on the shores of His lakes of Love.

Warriors of Light know they must become Good receivers as well as Givers to keep the channels clean. In fact we learn that it is not us loving Him but our proclaiming of His love for us that reels in our Heart’s desire.

Allow the Wheels of the Soul to Roll

Individually designed for each is the vehicle of Soul. It can be molded into a Rolls, Ferrari, Chevy pickup, or VW beetle, all choices are available. It can be detailed and serviced at the House of Worship and driving lessons are available. Viewed with the heart of child all options can be added and all destinations are possible.

Pray for vision to see Love that guides and protects.

Read scripture to find the road map. The Word will stimulate internal radar.

Meditate. This allows the mind to realize a Church is a garage not a police station.

Warriors of Light know Forgiveness is the grease that allows wheels to roll. Rolling in Joy for a cruise or a race, all choices are available.

Celebrate that He Breathed Life Into Your Soul

Celebrate the fact that He breathed life into your soul ! Celebrate that you have learned how to hear, listen and make wise choices. When unsure, look around and watch the answers appear. He works through other people but He belongs to you !

Pray, loyally continuing your conversation of growth and appreciation.

Read scripture to remind the boisterous spirit that Humility is the key.

Meditate. Taste the Trust required to stop and let go.

Warriors of Light are interesting and interested individuals devoting their strengths to becoming a part “of” rather than standing apart “from”.  You can find their camps from a great distance by the Light. Coming closer we shouts of Joy and Praise followed by grunts of satisfaction.

Books Reach the Mind, God Reaches the Soul

Hunger goes for the stomach. Books go for the brain. A wink may steal the heart but music and God go for the soul. Both can fill it but His tune is everlasting. His rhythm edifies.

Pray without the boundaries.

Read scripture and see for yourself.

Meditate and let the quiet fill you.

Warriors of Light have no battles with people.

“We war not against flesh but against principalities and powers.”

Prayer can win the argument.

Weave His Words Into Your Soul

“Don’t let the blessings blind you from the Source.”

Our willingness to reach out for His hand. Our willingness to offer Praise and Thanksgiving keep open the channel for healing, direction and gifts.

Pray. Share your inner self.

Read His words and let them weave into your soul.

Meditate on His greatness and your safe position under His wings.

Warriors of Light rejoice to watch problems become opportunities. Victory has been given to us by Him.