Allow the Wheels of the Soul to Roll

Individually designed for each is the vehicle of Soul. It can be molded into a Rolls, Ferrari, Chevy pickup, or VW beetle, all choices are available. It can be detailed and serviced at the House of Worship and driving lessons are available. Viewed with the heart of child all options can be added and all destinations are possible.

Pray for vision to see Love that guides and protects.

Read scripture to find the road map. The Word will stimulate internal radar.

Meditate. This allows the mind to realize a Church is a garage not a police station.

Warriors of Light know Forgiveness is the grease that allows wheels to roll. Rolling in Joy for a cruise or a race, all choices are available.

Celebrate that He Breathed Life Into Your Soul

Celebrate the fact that He breathed life into your soul ! Celebrate that you have learned how to hear, listen and make wise choices. When unsure, look around and watch the answers appear. He works through other people but He belongs to you !

Pray, loyally continuing your conversation of growth and appreciation.

Read scripture to remind the boisterous spirit that Humility is the key.

Meditate. Taste the Trust required to stop and let go.

Warriors of Light are interesting and interested individuals devoting their strengths to becoming a part “of” rather than standing apart “from”.  You can find their camps from a great distance by the Light. Coming closer we shouts of Joy and Praise followed by grunts of satisfaction.

Books Reach the Mind, God Reaches the Soul

Hunger goes for the stomach. Books go for the brain. A wink may steal the heart but music and God go for the soul. Both can fill it but His tune is everlasting. His rhythm edifies.

Pray without the boundaries.

Read scripture and see for yourself.

Meditate and let the quiet fill you.

Warriors of Light have no battles with people.

“We war not against flesh but against principalities and powers.”

Prayer can win the argument.

Weave His Words Into Your Soul

“Don’t let the blessings blind you from the Source.”

Our willingness to reach out for His hand. Our willingness to offer Praise and Thanksgiving keep open the channel for healing, direction and gifts.

Pray. Share your inner self.

Read His words and let them weave into your soul.

Meditate on His greatness and your safe position under His wings.

Warriors of Light rejoice to watch problems become opportunities. Victory has been given to us by Him.