You are Designed to Love and Solve Problems

Be open to the opportunities provided.  You are designed to love and solve problems. Your smile can take the sting out of another’s day. Your example of enthusiasm “under fire “ may inspire our future leaders.

Pray for guidance and Peace.

Read scripture and find clues to your puzzles.

Meditate. Breathe in deeply. Relax under His wing.

Warriors of Light know there is a plan. Their Gratitude opens the doors for more.

Be Willing to Solve Problems

We are built as problem solvers.

We seem surprised by the problems ! There is no place or time of our life free of problems and stress.

People lock themselves into reasons to be unhappy.

For what ? One eyelash of willingness can become a key to open the heart, the mind, the world, even our health.

Pray and use gratitude to find joy.

Read scripture. It is, in fact,  a report with many of our answers.

Meditate. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Shut out the foolishness.

Warriors of Light train to practice willingness. Progress not perfection leads them “out of the box” for their answers, opportunities, their partners.

Love and Be Loved and Solve Problems

Be the answer to someone else’s prayers. We are designed to love, be loved and solve problems. God works through other people. Often, He speaks through other people. Allow yourself to be one of those other people. Embrace your position !

Pray for clarity and desire.

Read scripture, the source of the wise old sayings. Get the info first hand.

Warriors of Light are happiest when carrying and sharing the Light. Their tasks are voluntary. Their skills sharpen with practice. Their work is well thought of and enjoyable. What’s not to like ?