Recipe for the Life We Desire

There is a Recipe for the Life we desire:

2 Cups of Prayer

1 Cup of Gratitude

1 Cup of Praise

4 Eggs of Service to Others

2 Tbsp of Surprise Hugs

Mix gently and bake in the Light daily. In the evening add Grace then break bread with others. Rest for 6-8 hours and let the body rise with rejoicing.

Pray often. This fuels the oven of Love.

Read scripture for additional recipes and Solutions.

Meditate. Allow the flavors to simmer.

Warriors of Light know that the Spirits must be fed. Honoring Him by sharing puts the frosting on the cake !

Spiritual Conditioners Can Help Prevent Frayed Nerves

God offers us Creme rinse and conditioners for our tangles ! He wants us to grow and shine. He offers Solutions for every problem.

Life is most easily cared for when clean. A passing car can splash a puddle on us or a dusty friend may decide to embrace leaving a trail. God is able to cleanse us and our hearts if we but ask with Humility.

Pray often to keep the channels open and unwebbed.

Read scripture to let your real purposes and truths come to light.

Meditate. Relax in the Peace He offers.

Warriors of Light know that there are Spiritual conditioners to help prevent split ends and frayed nerves. Even worthy projects can leave us sore. Warriors encourage brethren to reach for help and enjoy the glow that comes with His polish.

Place Your Next Step in the Right Direction.

The solution is the same for all. Look up and place your next step in the right direction. Speak kindly to others. As soon as you increase the volume, your audience is lost. Repeat. We learn through repetition.

Pray often and watch your successes increase.

Read scripture. It is where the story starts and ends.

Meditate daily. Visit the moment.

Warriors of Light create and depend on good habits. This keeps them in good stead. Peace is found inside pockets of time not requiring new decisions.

Keep Joy by Sharing It

Opportunity is at your fingertips. It is here in the present. Don’t neglect what is before you while chasing the “pie in the sky” with your mind.

You have been entrusted with the people who love you and the present moment. You will  be remembered not for how much money you made or saved. You will be remembered for the example you set and how you made others feel important .

Pray. It will lower your stress and remind you Who is in charge.

Read scripture. It takes your mind off problems. It offers solutions.

Meditate. Tilt your eyes up but close them. This lowers your brain wave frequency.

Inhale deeply. Repeat.

Warriors of Light find victory by allowing the Commander His sovereignty. They surrender to win. They keep joy by sharing it.

Spiritual conundrums.

You gotta love em !

Visualize the Best

Compete with only with yourself. Learn to work with others. Anticipate their needs. Visualize the best in them and yourself.

Be grateful to be alive ! Cherish each moment. Relish the opportunities to be of service.

Fall in love !

Pray, aloud if necessary. Tell Him your concerns.

Read scripture. Dig out the dusty volume. Open it and see.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and slowly. Watch blood pressure drop and solutions appear.

Warriors of Light tend to their weapons. They cut through the darkness. They reveal and enjoy the Truth that God is Love.

Solving Problems

“If you have problem that can be fixed with money, you don’t have a problem.” Real problems are health problems or affairs of the heart.

“There is a spiritual solution for every problem.”

If you have a problem look to management for the solution. If they can’t help, get new management.

Pray for guidance. Ask for answers. Watch it happen !

Read scripture and devotionals. Be willing to be led in the right direction.

Meditate. Breathe deeply. Often things are more clear in this zone.

Warriors of Light know that some elements can nourish the garden of life. Applied differently they can corrode or explode. Use your gifts with care !

Learn to Laugh

“We can be part of the problem or part of the solution.”

There are more opportunities in the latter. Sometimes being part of the solution is staying out of the problem. Let them work it out !  Be entertained by their antics. Learn to laugh !

Pray and remember the spiritual side of your life is the most important.

Read scripture. The answers were found a long time ago and they were written.

Meditate. Be still. Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. Repeat.

Warriors of Light celebrate every day. They remember their Farher. They glorify Him with good choices. They enjoy the results.

Opening Doors

Life is good ! Enjoying it is a program of action !

Use the tools you have. Gratitude is a powerful force.

Choose your attitude or “angle of approach “.

Force applied an the proper angle can move many large obstacles.

Pray. Prayer works. Pray for the people who have wronged you. Pray for them to have everything you desire, first thing, for two weeks. Watch them change.

Read scripture. His Word will adjust our attitudes.

Meditate. Relax. Breathe deeply and slowly.

Warriors of Light reflect on past solutions and success that He has offered. They do this instead of worrying and it opens doors that appeared to be closed.

Focus on the Solution

“Focus on the solution not the problem.”  Don’t glorify severity with dramatic descriptions. Focus on, picture the solution. Each time it hops into your thoughts, practice thinking about Grace and Mercy and Peace which are offered to you.

Forget why anyone claims these don’t belong to you.

Pray for your needs. “Ye have not because you ask not.”

Read the Word and learn the solutions. Embrace wisdom.

Meditate. Stop. Just breathe and listen.

Warriors of Light know the valuable blessings they defend. Their Praise and Gratitude deter evil and fear.