Let the Medicinal Effect of Being Still Soak Into Bones

Dog days ? Dog is God spelled backwards, they are built to reflect His love. His house is not a jail or a boxing ring, but a hospital with Emergency Prayer.

Pray, something as simple as “God help me” is very effective.

Read scripture and find His healing presence in His Word.

Meditate and let the medicinal effect of being still soak into bones.

Warriors of Light know that two or more gathered together increase the Power. Rest, healing, soothing Spirits, inspiration, and regeneration are available 24/7 for free. First come, first serve but the supply is endless and the lines move instantly.

Wipe Clean Easily Unless Left to Dry

Jelly dropped on the kitchen counter will wipe clean easily unless it is left to get sticky or dry. An apology offered immediately is easier than one festered with time and resentment.

Pray to keep your side of the street clean.

Read scripture to keep your mind renewed and tidy.

Meditate to let yourself soak in Goodness.

Warriors of Light know it is easier to prevent than to cure. Staying in His Light avoids bumps, losses, misinterpretation,

and many diseases.