Not Every Package Delivered Must be Received

Not every knock at the door requires an answer. Not every package delivered must be received. Not every person who requests your attention must be entertained. Refuse invitations and deliveries that steal your Joy or distract you from His Direction.

Pray to stay in touch with the main line connection. He has towers and reception


Read scripture. It holds Peace available at any hour.

Meditate. Simply stop moving and planning to breathe deeply. Close your eyes and be surprised at what you see.

Warriors of Light spend time in His presence arming themselves spiritually. After Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving, they are ready to march. Their smiles and open hands display the prizes found in good choices.

Be the Sweetener in Someone’s Day!

Be the sweetener in someone’s day ! Let your presence tell them that they are appreciated. Offer help by being easy to deal with or by anticipating their need. Take the time to sincerely verbalize something good about them. Let your smile show enthusiasm which actually means be filled with the Divine Spirit.

Pray. Prayer works unless you insist on telling Him how he should do His business.

Read scripture and learn more about your opportunities.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and know you are safe.

Warriors of Light know we are all in the same boat needing company, support, and hope for the future. Warriors display their Trust in the Commander by sharing their smiles or the box of doughnuts.

Dancing When No One is Looking

Everyone wants to see your smile and everyone has something to offer you. They may look different or be headed in a another direction but they count you in their day. God speaks to us through other people and uses us to speak  to them. Share the Hope and Joy.

Pray for the willingness to serve.

Read scripture and discover the unfathomable basket of rewards.

Meditate. Be still, inhale deeply and realize how unlikely and how fortunate it is to be where you are.

Warriors of Light relish contact with other troops. They learn. They share victories and can be seen dancing when no one is looking.

Choose Optimism, Remember the Smiles and Hugs

Conditions are reportedly bad for the task is at hand.  Whether seeding a crop or hosting graduation,  choose optimism. Smiles and hugs are what is remembered.

Pray.  Let the Universe carry its own weight.

Read scripture.  Its  presence in your vision is edifying.

Meditate. This is the part where you relax from holding up your part of the world.

Warriors of Light demonstrate their inspiration.  They refuse to accept delivery of some troubles. They pray for a cheerful Spirit and a grateful heart.

Truth is Simple and Free on a Park Bench

Truth is simple, available and free. The same on park bench or Park Lane. Found in a smile, embodied in a child or delivered with Love. Honor increases  quality, willingness increases breadth.

Pray to participate in the real game.

Read scripture. Discover your strength. Know your enemy.

Meditate. This can be practiced safely at home or out.

Warriors of Light have enlisted. They are paid everyday. Their benefit package is beyond belief.

The Gates to Success

With your impeccable word you open the gates to success. Create a road of trust that leads to you those who value their time, their assets, their love.

Pray to keep it between the lines.

Read scripture, note the flavor.

Meditate. Be still and meet with yourself.

Warriors of Light illuminate the path for others. The weight of their step leaves impression. Their smile lifts the clouds.

Hope Can Lift the Soul

Hope is more powerful than hurricane force winds, a raging flood or a huge opposing army. Hope can lift the soul when there are no earthly answers.

Pray.  Put it out of your hands.

Read scripture, the sacred texts.

Meditate.  Pick a spot. Make it yours. Breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light know that a smile inspires hope.

Paint Each New Day With Joy

Dive into the day fully expecting a whole new set of adventures !

The location may be the same as yesterday but the weather will change, the people dropping in will be different and what has happened to them will be news.

Give them smiles as you see them and let them paint your day with their joy !

Pray to be an inspiration for those you meet.

Read scripture, carry it in your heart. Drop a bit of Good News into each situation.

Meditate. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

Warriors of Light stay ready to help. Steadying another’s boat or helping them row can fulfill dreams.

The Joy That Belongs in You

Be glad to be you ! You are a specially designed original !

If you suffer low self esteem or feel blue, go help someone with real problems.

Feel the joy that belongs to you and don’t let anyone steal it during your day. In fact, keep it by sharing with others. Then soak in their smiles !

Pray. Even with closed eyes we look up while praying.

Read scripture. Feed the spiritual side. Like an antibiotic, it works even if you don’t believe it will.

Meditate. Deep breathing puts you into a positive zone.

Warriors of Light surrender to win. They keep by giving away.

The Sunlight of the Spirit shines in their life. They are constantly learning more about how to love.