Splendor is Displayed in the Sky

Pay attention! Messages and signs are in every breath. Leaves rustle with song while birds hit the high notes. Splendor is displayed in the sky and reflected in the ocean all to remind us of The Power and Love available.

Pray and stake your claim.

Read scripture and mine the riches.

Meditate. Relax and mentally refine ores delivered by His Hand.

Warriors of Light know that an encrusted rock may appear to be nothing or even something troublesome. A bit of work, cleaning and polish may hint at its value. Brought into the Light it may Shine !

Read the Signs for Direction and Clarity

Read the signs. Make your decisions wisely. Whether you are traveling to an unfamiliar place or starting a new relationship, read the signs.

Pray for direction and clarity.

Read scripture and let your mind rest. Your purpose will be defined.

Meditate. Use beads or breathing. Participate in the rhythm of your breath.

Warriors of Light are always learning. A teachable spirit allows training for the Commander’s missions. Learning is an honor.