Fear and Trust

Sensitive? Think  THEY should understand and tip toe through ? Let’s rethink our sensitivities and expose them as self centered fear !

Let’s put the salve of trust into action.  Speak confidence into our lives. Let the Sunlight of the Spirit heal our wounds.

Pray for guidance and discernment to recognize unhealthy fear.

Read and learn about the Shield of Faith and the sword of truth.

Meditate. Think on the good things.

Warriors of Light have to practice spiritual warfare.

Their smile proves to their brothers that the battle can be won. Their smile offers help because ” If one can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand..”.

Each Day is a Gift

Don’t let them steal your joy! Each day is a gift. Use it wisely and to be of service . Forces exist which would darken your minutes with corruption and your life with addiction. If you stay in the Sunlight of the Spirit you cannot lose .

Pray for direction.

Read the Word to learn how to read the signs.

Meditate. Stop doing and just be still for at least 3 minutes .

Warriors of Light face stronger resistance from the dark side than many. They are on the front lines.

They have shields of faith and swords of truth. God is their protection !

“Because they love me I will rescue them.”