Keep Your Treasure Box Light

Like a treasure box the mind collects what we carry, keep it Light! Refuse to tuck the fears and doubts into your day, it’s a choice, a privilege.

Pray and speak with One capable of moving the waves, the wind and the hearts of men.

Read scripture and find your surprise, it’s in there.

Meditate on all the Goodness while breathing deeply.

Warriors of Light know that sharing their secrets and trials with a person of trust keeps their treasure boxes clean offering a Light step to their daily dance.

Recipe for the Life We Desire

There is a Recipe for the Life we desire:

2 Cups of Prayer

1 Cup of Gratitude

1 Cup of Praise

4 Eggs of Service to Others

2 Tbsp of Surprise Hugs

Mix gently and bake in the Light daily. In the evening add Grace then break bread with others. Rest for 6-8 hours and let the body rise with rejoicing.

Pray often. This fuels the oven of Love.

Read scripture for additional recipes and Solutions.

Meditate. Allow the flavors to simmer.

Warriors of Light know that the Spirits must be fed. Honoring Him by sharing puts the frosting on the cake !

Take Stock in Your Position

Sharing is a gift. Sharing makes things real and remembered. Sharing is an art, a talent to be developed. Sharing pleases Our Father. He replaces and multiplies our shares in waves that return to us with strength and prosperity.

Pray to better aim the next big share.

Read scripture to learn about the dividends of your shares.

Meditate. Breathe deeply and take stock in your position while relaxed.

Warriors of Light know markets go up and down. We have but One Provider who knows our hearts and our needs.

Participation in the Service of God

“Contempt prior to investigation” robs us. It thwarts our participation in the service of God. It limits our exposure from what we have decided, we are not going to like. But it also deprives us of the practice of trust. Trust takes practice.

Pray. Pray for the people you find offensive.

Read scripture to educate our hearts .

Meditate. Remain willing, childlike in our stance.

Warriors of Light are mobile. Their orders may come without warning. At the ready, they always benefit from giving and sharing.