Why Lug Extra Baggage?

Open pockets of pain and doubt to the Light. Formed like heavy chains, willingly we lug them each day. Just their carriage hinders our stance in the moment. No shackles are binding past difficulties and rejections to our soul, so let them drop. Dive into the adventure of the day without the weights of the past.

Pray to see and feel the beauty before you.

Read scripture. Let it be your reference material.

Warriors of Light have learned to leave their baggage with the Commander. They tuck His Word into their heart before each mission. His Word “ does not return void.”

Let’s Open Our Eyes and Enjoy the Day

“Don’t come to the feast table of life and starve to death.” The opportunities to love and grow and learn are here before us. Let’s open our eyes and enjoy the day.

This may require dropping yesterday’s goals and pains. It may require a fresh perspective.

Pray for direction.

Read scripture to renew your mind.

Meditate and soak in relaxation.

Breathe deeply.

Warriors of Light know that each day’s is new. The burdens of yesterday are not shackled to us.

We can leave them to Him.

Happiness lies in serving others.

The Day to Embrace, the Present to Experience

Watch out ! We carry not only our characteristic response to present happenings but also the burdens of our past.

Stop ! Look more closely !

There are no shackles affixing those burdens to us or our day !

Look up and let the poor way you were treated in the past fall away from who you are today !

Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Read scripture. It was written to keep us from going through hell.

Meditate. Breathing deeply will let you rise.

Warriors of Light have battle scars too ! They have no time to measure their shape, depth, or cause. They have the day to embrace, the Present to experience, the people to care for and Love.

If not Now, When?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life !

Those burdens you have been carrying have no shackles holding them to you . They may not be burdens at all but opportunities to love and heal.

Right action begets the right attitude.

Lazy ? Make a list of things to do. Procrastinator ? Make a calendar. Financial problems ? Tithe. Feeling blue ? Help others.

Pray to share and take your complaints to Management !

Read scripture for answers and direction.

Meditate. Just try it or extend what you are already doing. The benefits become obvious.

Warriors of Light know “there is a Spiritual solution for all of our problems.” They use Praise to stave off self pity and Gratitude as a salve for ego wounds. Joy Joy !