A Wall of Protection and Peace

There is a happiness that belongs to you !  It is built with bricks baked in service to others.

The bricks are set in a cement of love, spaced in a firm pattern of tribute to Him. Admirers will come, friends will remark, but only those who also know Him can see they form a wall of protection and peace.

Pray to find the joy in thinking  of others first and last.

Read scripture to find the worthiness of your own Humilty.

Meditate as a daily ritual. Learn to choose Life and Peace.

Warriors of Light have trained to stay in the Light.  Now the Light is a part of them. It shines wherever they travel.

Change the World with Prayer

“More important than being the best is being available.”

Stay in the moment. “Keep your mind where you hands are.” Hear and listen.  Leave your heart open.

See the opportunities to be of service. Be of service.

Pray and talk to Him like He is someone you know. Watch Him become someone you know.

Read scripture to learn more about yourself.

Meditate on the treasures of your day.

Warriors of Light know that waiting is being of service.

A small word of reassurance can make a hero.

Prayer can change a world.

The Human Mind is A Marvelous Thing

The human mind is a marvelous thing, but it is human. It will send you into a room on a mission and leave the reason for the mission hanging back in the room where you started.

The mind varies it’s performance with practice, hunger, emotions, rest, music or age.

Appreciate the abilities you have ! Use them. Be of service and realize it’s a privilege.

Pray. Pray first thing and change your day.

Read scripture. Stay informed. Learn to take direction. Learn to follow directions.

Meditate. Realize the value of being still. The power gained by stopping  !

Warriors of Light are not perfect. They admit their limitations. They show strength by asking for help.