He Renews the Strength of Eagles

Claim your peace of mind and serenity simply by stepping into His shadow. He renews the strength of eagles, cares for the sparrow and welcomes your company. You will find no room for your resentments, worries or self centered fears, He will help you release them.

Pray and speak to The Man in charge with Humility and a tone of voice that you would find appealing.

Read scripture, these are the short notes on the war going on in your heart.

Meditate and relax with deep breathing. Allow your designed system to flourish as designed.

Warriors of Light win the battle with His help inside themselves. It is easier done while helping others outside of your family.

All Paths Start With But One Step

Paths are chosen with thoughts and decisions. Good decisions will weave together over time into baskets of opportunity. Coated with Trust in Him these baskets become filled with Serenity and Love. They will weather any storm. All paths start with but one step.

Pray for His input on which way to turn. Watch Him wink.

Read scripture and put pieces of it into your Heart. It is free and fashionable in any foxhole.

Meditate often and find the Power in relaxation.

Warriors of Light use His strength to carry burdens and watch their thinking improve with each next, right step.

Serenity is a Place of Mind

We are taught to behave, to work, to study, and to find the right mate. It is concluded with the promise of happiness. Is this the happiness of a kitten curled up by her mother or the happiness of the winner of a race ?

Pray to keep your mind in the moment or…risk missing the joy !

Read scripture and devotionals. Gain “appreciation of” or “inspiration to”.

Meditate on your present good fortune.

Warriors of Light learn to “wish not for happiness, so ethereal, but for serenity because it can be sustained.” Defined it is calm or peace, composure in the middle of life, the storm or the victory.