Call Up and Ask

“And wait, there is more !”

Available now to all who ask is real security ! Just call up now and ask Him !

He is waiting. Waiting for us to turn His way so that He can pour out His blessings.

Pray. Tell Him your concerns.

Read scripture. It has something for everyone. A prize for all ages.

Meditate. Slow down, breathe deeply, repeat.

Warriors of Light practice reaching up for help and looking up for directions. They go straight to Management.

Straight to The Source.

Where to Find Security

We want security ! In our jobs, our relationships, our homes, our neighborhoods, churches and schools.

We actually want it everywhere.

We blame governments and laws for failure.There is only one source of security.

With Him we can flow through any rough edges in our life using the uncomfortable spots to shape our souls, our perspectives anew.

Pray for the ability to see the good in life and the people around us.

Read scripture to direct our path and give us the tools to work in our lives.

Meditate on all the good things we already see and have.

Warriors of Light use the crags of life to secure their feet then their positions. After each battle the troops move, marching to the cadence of The Spirit and sharing the joys of victory, of growth.

Unmoved by Winds or Water

Security is our desire. In our hearts, our pocketbooks, our health, the structure of our homes and our perspectives. Trust is the only vehicle to this position.

Pray and talk to the One worthy of your trust and unmoved by the wind.

Read His Word and learn about the power available to you.

Meditate. Realize the way and the responsibility.

Warriors of Light know that trust is stronger than the wind and the water. Their extended hands remind their brothers