Mainstays Need to be Chosen Carefully

Originating from the name of a stay supporting the largest mast on a tall ship, a mainstay is a person or a thing that acts as a chief support. Choose your mainstays carefully in your spiritual life, your diet and your friendships.

Pray, not as an afterthought but as a foundation of your day.

Read scripture. Even non-believers benefit from profound truths.

Meditate. Stop moving. Breathe deeply. Silence the committee in your mind.

Warriors of Light suffer the same struggles, but with the knowledge that they are safe no matter the outcome. So safe that they may lend a hand.

Weave His Words Into Your Soul

“Don’t let the blessings blind you from the Source.”

Our willingness to reach out for His hand. Our willingness to offer Praise and Thanksgiving keep open the channel for healing, direction and gifts.

Pray. Share your inner self.

Read His words and let them weave into your soul.

Meditate on His greatness and your safe position under His wings.

Warriors of Light rejoice to watch problems become opportunities. Victory has been given to us by Him.

He Holds Your Hand

Pain is real. Misery is optional ! This is where the rubber meets the road and you have been equipped.

If you but ask He holds your hand and shows you the way. Won’t holding your Daddy’s hand make you smile and feel safe ? Drop your baggage. Free up a hand. Take His.

Pray for whatever you need.

Read scripture. It feeds your Spirit.

Meditate. It feeds your soul.

Warriors of Light smile and “the world smiles with them”.