Do The Next Right Thing, Repeat

There is a formula for success ! Do the next right thing. Now repeat. And repeat. This will give you right thinking which will lead to good feelings. Decisions based on principles, not feelings lead to success. * Pray. Simply talk to the Source.

Read scripture and devotionals to remind you of right and wrong.

Meditate. Stop the noise in your head  ! Relax and be.

Warriors of Light don’t walk on by. They help those that can be helped. They grieve that some won’t.


*The Twelve Step Recovery Program sings a similar tune

Truth – See it, Share it

Learning is but realizing the truth. Seeing the truth, using the truth and sharing the truth are our obligations. Continue to remind ourselves of our portion.

Pray to remember the difference between right and wrong.

Read scripture and devotionals.

Meditate on the wealth of our time. Meditate on our Source.

Warriors of Light are busy with service and joy.

There are no “but’s” in describing their opportunities.