Celebrate in Your Ability to Be Kind and Understanding

Celebrate in your own ability to be kind and understanding, which grows proportionally with our Trust in Him. Nothing else can impact you, your health, your wealth or your entire reality more.

Remember celebration is in the present moment, filled with smiles and Joy.

Pray because it is our privilege to speak to Him personally.

Read scripture and find that it’s answers are offered for us.

Meditate because it is our privilege to relax in His care.

Warriors of Light accept the responsibilities of care of themselves and their household, knowing that He works through us and others to gain our portion.

Responsibility is Found in the Mirror

It is not them ! They are not the problem ! Look in the mirror. See who is responsible.  Follow this with the knowledge that help is on the way if we but ask. But ask now !

Pray. Talk to Our Father.

Read scripture to learn poise and wisdom. Memorize pieces to build your own character.

Meditate. Stop.

Stop reacting. Choose.

Choose your response.

Warriors of Light smile. Service gives them joy. Integrity gives them stature.