Grow Toward the Light

The response is more important than the action. Life is not what happens to you it becomes your responses to it. Respond kindly, honestly and generously.

His Love allows us to focus on Him and grow toward the Light.

We become filled with Love and Light.

Pray because it is your privilege.

Read scripture to see what happens at the end.

Meditate, relax in the knowledge that He holds you and provides your breath.

Warriors of Light do not get bored. Life is an adventure of new things to hear, taste, feel, and smell in exciting journeys. They can see this because they are in the Light.

Written and Recorded for the Wisdom Afforded

Rules of engagement are simple.

Honor Him with your behavior, don’t spend what you don’t have, be kind to others and use your time wisely. We create our own reality and our own problems. When carefully examined, we usually had a hand in any disturbances.

Pray. A humble prayer avails much.

Read. Scripture was written and recorded for the wisdom it afforded.

Meditate. Be still, breathe deeply and relax.

Warriors of Light stay too busy improving their game to worry about what others are thinking. They only listen to complaints, response equals an argument.

Part of Life

Choose the best response !

Make someone’s day ! We are a moving interactive part of someone’s life and our own. Be willing to go with the flow of joy and to resist the negative involvement with a confident smile.

Pray. Express gratitude for the protection and opportunities afforded by Him.

Read scripture and educate your heart with His purpose.

Meditate. Realize being a “part of” not “apart from” the family before you.

Warriors of Light employ a response before reaction. Their training is based on principles not feelings. The choice of a good response allows proper thinking and results in satisfying feelings.