Hold on to Joy by Sharing It

Find your joy ! Then hold on to it by sharing it !

Don’t fall into the habit of worry.

It is just another, although seemingly self-righteous, habit. Worry serves no one.

Joy serves everyone it touches.

More joy will come upon those who are willing to turn and receive it !

Pray.  Communicate with the Author of goodness and joy.

Read. Learn the history of your people. See what options were and are available.

Meditate. Stop moving, breathe deeply and realize the strength of just being.

Warriors of Light use joy to melt resistance. Resistance keeps time, talents and love bottled up. Resistance is a thief !

Pray for Guidance

Willingness is power. It moves the ears to hear and listen. It moves hearts to change the path.  Willingness is free. Ignite willingness by changing one lil habit in the day. Watch the resistance crumble in unexpected areas as your reality is shaken.

Pray for guidance. Realize your wisdom.

Read scripture. It was written to help  not punish.

Meditate. Be willing to stop. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. Gain strength.

Warriors of Light pray for willingness. That’s how the meek inherit the earth.