A Steady Stream of Goodness

This year’s crop may not be the turning point of savings or loss. A steady stream of Goodness is offered in various packages and sizes. Open the eyes to see and the Heart to receive.

Pray and move forward.

Read scripture to build renewed perspective.

Meditate by breathing deeply and soaking in Good News.

Warriors of Light know they will have what they say and they use care in declarations.

Pray Often and Allow Pruning

Fig trees must be pruned like an open hand to receive Light and bear the most figs. Harvest must be timely and tender. Too much rain splits the fruit, birds steal and ants will mar the flesh. The preserves are Divine!

Pray often and allow pruning.

Read scripture, tuck it inside and allow it to remove the dead branches of ideas.

Meditate, be refreshed  with renewed thinking.

Warriors of Light carry small packs for long marches. He does for them what they cannot do for themselves in reaching the old scars with Salve and emptying the basement of Rocks.

Only If We Let Go of the Reins

Perfection is not our lot, improvement and spiritual growth must be our goal. Our goals must not include the behavior or feelings of another but only a better version of ourselves. His Love will inspire and guide us only if we let go of the reins.

Pray because it is the real conversation of Life.

Read scripture because our adventures are nothing new. His words will sustain us.

Meditate because the time spent will magnify itself in your renewed effectiveness .

Warriors of Light can get the blues or be confused, this too will pass. Fellow troops and travelers are available. One can see God’s Mercy in the reach of their hand.


Awaken with the Light Provided by Him

Awaken with the Light provided by Him, breathe the air provided by Him and behold the portrait of earth’s beauty. Look to Him for all and it will be provided as your joy reflects His glory. Look elsewhere for your needs and find the sources of disappointment.

Pray to He who listens and knows our needs.

Read scripture for a renewed perspective and Hope.

Meditate. Breathe deeply, relax and listen to the still small voice in your heart.

Warriors of Light know that their end goals must not depend on another’s reaction or behavior but on His surety. He is our ever present Help in times of trouble. Our job is to grow and shine.