Soaking Works Miracles

Soaking works miracles !  Soaking in soapy water removes grease stains, in warm water eases back pain, in scripture cleanses the brain. A renewal of the mind is always available for free.

Pray to walk tall and leave the burdens with Management.

Read scripture, wrap in a robe of righteous perspective.

Meditate and breathe in His Mercy, requested and received.

Warriors of Light soak in the Light of the Commander and find reflection with fellow troops. Their movements become straight and upright. This leaves less knots to soak and untangle.

An Eyelash of Willingness

With just an eyelash of willingness the Sunlight of the Spirit will enter. In awe, we be renewed, strengthened, and set aright. Be willing to breathe the good air.

Pray, aloud if necessary, from a book if necessary.

Read scripture. Find clues to improve your prayers.

Meditate. Take a deep breath. Taste the good air.

Warriors of Light march in the Spirit of the Commander. His Spirit falls upon them, refreshing them, lifting them.

Surely We Need Not Fear Uncertainty

Fear not ! Keep your mind on the positives of where you are. No matter what the future holds you will be best prepared by relishing the opportunities at hand.

Enjoy the growth and lessons at your fingertips !

Pray for understanding and renewal of your strength .

Read scripture. Memorize parts and carry them into your future.

Meditate. Stop the doing and just breathe. See where you are.

Warriors of Light know that the future holds uncertainty. The surety of their glow makes steps through the dark more certain.

Treasure the Moment

Life is good ! Each day is filled with opportunities of a lifetime. We sometimes just trudge through our daily routine thoughtlessly until someone our age dies. Don’t wait to enjoy your life. Treasure even the moments filled with chores.

Pray to stay in touch with the source.

Read scripture and devotionals to keep your mind tuned in to the real value of life.

Meditate to bring yourself into the moment.

Warriors of Light are taught that each breath is a privilege. Their duties become an honor to perform.

Rest and Be Renewed

Children grow in their sleep. Rest is a healing force.

Out of our control isn’t it ? Don’t you hate it ? Learn to love it. Learn to depend on forces over which you have no control. Learn to rely on God . This reliance will make you stronger.

Pray for proper growth and healing.

Read good scripture and devotionals. Feed the good dog in your head again . He is always hungry.

Meditate on the good.

“Taps” was composed by a yankee adopted the rebels and loved by all. It signals the end of a day or a battle or a life. It signals a time for rest. Our strengths increase during rest.